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I used to hear them all the time, but they gradually faded away, so now I only hear them occasionally.  I'm on the same amount of antipsychotics I was on before, and I still spend the vast majority of my time alone.  Why am I not hearing voices anymore?


i don't know...that would freak me  out

there was a time

a long time ago

when i was about nineteen

and suddenly all the voices stopped

but there was still sound

and i flipped my shit


so i can appreciate why it'd be disconcerting 


even more recently i've had a REALLY hard time with losing a certain one

especially since there was silence...total silence..which...horrible

and then now they're back but not the only useful one


anyway...i don't know why especially if you've been taking your meds for awhile 

stress reduction? i can think of heaps if it were me personally, harder to say with another,

but less stress...that'd be a positive reason


do you have any hypotheses on why? 

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