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Cannot Stop Ruminating Please Help!

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I am in my thirties and have had ocd since I was a kid. Its a really weird symptom. Basically I have to obsessively pray to myself again and again. Sometimes I have to continually say amen to make sure I said it right or god will do something bad to me ect. Th e stupid thing is I'm not even religious and dont even pray and dont even know if I believe in god. So anyway later on in my life I began to tune this out really well. It only bothers me when I'm really stressed. But what I realize is that I ruminate obsessively about remarks that people made for days and months, My last job I worked with this asshole who I hate and dont even want to think about, however for the past 6 months I think about him every day to the oint where I get a headache and sometimes cant even sleep.

 I used to think this was depression or some anger problem but now I see it as the ocd. But there is no trigger that starts it I'm just always obsessing about this jerk who i wouldn't piss on fire to put out. Can somone give me advice at getting rid of these obsessive ruminations?Im trying cbt for all my issues and it helps a lot. But I still cant get rid of these annoying unwanted thoughts.



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