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Rookie Mistake.

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 Hey guys.

     So about a week after taking my Zoloft I started to feel generally better. Not only more focused but a bit more level too. A little anxious here and there, but nothing I couldn't shrug off. So I decided to stop taking my Klonopin. The first day I felt terrific. Today, the second day of being off of Klonpin went pretty well too. Until about an hour ago. A panic attack snuck up and hit me real hard and fast. I took my Klonopin and I'm starting to feel better.

 So let that be a lesson to me I guess. I thought I knew better than that.

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Try not to be so hard on yourself.  You made a mistake, realized you made it and rectified the situation.


As you now know, benzos are not something you want to quit cold turkey.  Always talk to you doctor before starting or stopping any med.


I'm glad you were able to squish the panic attack and that you're back on Klonopin.

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