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I have had a constant sore throat for a few months now, it sometimes goes for a few days or

a week and then will be back again, it also hurts at the side of my neck and near the voice box

as well as my tongue, and underneath the tongue.


I went to the doctors in December and she looked at the it and said it was just a virus. I take

paracetamol for it almost every day. I feel like she didn't have a proper look at it and because

some of the pain is also in my neck i'm very worried.


I know it is likely to be my fault as i smoke 10 cigarettes a day, i quit for four months last year and

and hoping i can quit for good.


But i'm very worried about the throat, especially as it's my neck and voice box as well, I'm in my mid twenties and i have heard throat cancer is rare under 50 but I'm not naive enough to think i won't

get it.


I feel like i should insist to the doctor that he/she send me for scans, it will be hard for me to

get an appointment as it is always busy.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Yes, it's a good idea to ask about the swab, thanks.


Can something bacterial last for months? and cause pain?, on a bad day i take 8 paracetamols which are 500mg

each so 4000 mg, which isn't healthy in itself.


I use anti bacterial mouthwash which makes me think it isn't bacterial, i think it's irritation from smoking and

possibly cancer, but then I'm paranoid about my health.

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Isn't anti-bacterial mouthwash an irritant? If you're irritating it more (since yes, smoke is also an irritant) then maybe that's the issue?


Unless you are running a temp constantly at two degrees above normal or you have yellowish or greenish exudate from your throat and/or beneath your tongue this would not seem to be, in light of recurring irritation from smoking and using non-buffered mouthwash, an emergency situation.


However ANY long lasting soreness or pain needs to be medically investigated.


It seems, from this remove, that a good "test" would be to avoid all mouth and throat irritants for ten days and determine if there is an improvement or not...

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i think the mouthwash helps some of the smoking damage, i don't think it would be possible for me to stop smoking for ten days as i get more panic attacks when i stop, i was thinking of using salt to clean out my mouth.


but yes i will be needing to book an appointment and fully explain where the pain is and how i have to take paracetamol every other day, hopefully i will be able to get one this week, although just sorting out an appointment is triggering a lot of anxiety.


There is no green phelm or anything like that, i have had a cold in December so when i had it bad sore throat

then i just thought it was part of the cold and the doctor said i had a virus.

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I had to just Google GERD, i don't think it's a digestion thing, i think it's more to do with the throats and the sides of each neck.


Although i have been feeling a bit sick after eating and i do get some food pushing it's way back up,

but this happens about once every 3 weeks.

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Hi, i have got a Doctors appointment for Monday so i will keep you posted


Thanks for everyone's concern and advice.


I was thinking today that i use the mouthwash about 8 times a day and it hits where it is hurting on the tongue

so could explain that.

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