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I have been on meds for trd since 13 years old I am 35 now.....I am on abilify 30mg effexer 300mg celexa 20mg and Adderall 20 mg .....the only thing that helped slightly was the Adderall but now I have a tolerance I am so depressed I am sleeping at least 15 hours a day I cant stand it but on the other hand its my only time at peace...please help with some suggestings

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I also have treatment resistant depression that has been going on for years, and I know that it's really frustrating. Bp ladybug's right --- you need to bring this up with your psychiatrist. I can tell you that Abilify made me really sleepy; I would nod off with my kids every night by 8pm, so maybe that could be a factor, particularly at that dose. I've heard other people say it had the opposite effect on them though, so it's hard to say. You sound like you're not in a good place at all, so getting in touch with your psychiatrist sooner rather than later is a good idea. And welcome to Crazyboards. 

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I also have treatment resistant depression which I suffered with also from the age of 13. It really took a hospitalization for the doctors to take my TRD seriously. During my hospital stay and continuing thereafter my doctor and I constructed a cocktail that is working pretty well for me, though it is not perfect, but at least life is bearable. Abilify made a big difference for me, and I'm sorry to see that it is not helping you. Perhaps another AAP could help.


In my case, the magic formula is antidepressant + anticonvulsant + atypical antipsychotic. I also take a stimulant (Ritalin), but it helps just incrementally. Antidepressants by themselves do nothing for me. I think that after my hospitalization, my doctor was willing to consider anticonvulsants and AAPs which are the keys to keeping me out of the abyss. Before Abilify, I took Risperdal which also helped me but nothing like the Abilify does.


Try to hold on to hope. You will find your magic cocktail. As has been suggested, if your doctor is out of ideas, perhaps it is time for a second or third opinion.

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I would have to second the working with your pdoc on trying to find something that works. I also have medication resistant MDD and it's a booger to figure out medication routines that work and yes, I frequently build up a tolerance to meds too, so am changing meds somewhat frequently. Working closely with my pdoc is key and my doctor is familiar with how I react to medications, so she's been great to work with....

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I don't have treatment resistant depression. My bipolar has only, at best, partially responded to meds though. So I am left with a chronic condition that I have to deal with. It is nowhere near as much pain as treatment resistant depression, I will admit.


For me personally, meds were one small part of my wellness. Now I know meds are supposed to lift you back to a place of functioning. But it was little habits and steps that made a difference to my life, and they helped me meds work. So for me it is things like:


  • sleep routines
  • eating nutritious food, or any food at all
  • getting supplements for vitamins
  • Getting some sunlight, even just opening the curtains in the day
  • trying to go for a really short miserable walk
  • making the effort to return one text or phonecall
  • still spending a little time on my hobbies even if it didn't bring me that much pleasure.
  • finding other people in my position and getting understanding and support that way
  • taking care of myself in the little ways that I could.
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