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Excuse me? You "eat like a size 8'? What do I eat like then, as a size 26? Doritos and cake all day, right? There is a reason that we do not post numbers here, like weight or calorie count. They are triggering. This post is irresponsible and reprehensible. It is offensive to a good number of people on this site. You know what I felt like as a 16-18? Sexy and confident. I feel much the same way, most days, in my current size. Your insecurity is YOUR issue, and it is not a matter that justifies backhanded shaming of any of the NUMEROUS members here who are a lot bigger than you. I hope to god that you are not actively working as a nutritionist who counsels people with eating issues, because the attitude represented in this post is absolutely despicable. 


Being a "fatty" is not the end of the fucking world. It is possible to be heavy and healthy. I'm so sorry that you have to suffer the GRAVE injustice of being a size 16. It's so not fair that you have to be grouped in with the rest of us plus-sized lazy pieces of shit. 


Please, check your privilege. 

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Dear Larkspur,



I wrote how I PERSONALLY felt unhappy about being overweight. I don't know anything about your size, your meds, your appetite, your diet. It wasn't about you. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, you took it personally.


It was a personal expression about being unhappy about gaining so much weight on meds.


If you don't agree, that's fine. You don't need to attack someone that is expressing their personal feelings.


That is NOT your place. You are not the supreme overlord of what can and can not be expressed on CB, and I find your response incredibly offensive, self-centred, and disrespectful.


Check YOUR privilege, thanks.

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This is not my place? I'm sorry, I thought I was just as much a member as anyone else here, and therefore entitled to post responses to posts with which I disagree.


To clarify, what you were expressing is a form of privilege known as thin privilege. For example, your statement that you could lose weight by eating nothing but Doritos and cake. Here are some resources for your perusal: 




Your original post, which you have at least had the wherewithal to delete, was incredibly offensive and body-shaming. You indicated that since you "eat like a size 8" it is "so unfair" that you have to suffer the indignity of being a size 16. Like it's impossible to be a larger person who is not chronically dissatisfied with their body, or as if being a size 16 was something abhorrent and unacceptable. Your original post was chock-full of judgment and shade for people who live in larger bodies. As a larger person, I take offense to that. 


I'm so sorry if your feelings were hurt by my blunt and honest response to your hateful post. I acknowledge that you were coming from a place of personal frustration, but to throw around generalizations and speak about fat bodies as if they are somehow inherently disgusting and undignified is not acceptable in a place that focuses on recovery. It's not what you say, it's how you say it. If your original post had read along the lines of "hey guys, I've gained some weight and I'm not comfortable with my current size," then that would have been fine. But you named a size that you specifically found unacceptable and went on to make generalizations about how people of certain sizes eat, as if that's the only explanation for body size and shape. That is not okay. That is triggering. That is body-shaming. I absolutely will not back down on this point--you were making a display of fat-shaming and I'm not going to let that slide, sorry.


Take your butt-hurt elsewhere, please. You said something rude, and the appropriate response is to apologize for using a tone that was disrespectful, not to cry about how I'm some mean internet bully who takes things too personally. What you said was offensive. Period. I wish I had screenshotted it for posterity. 

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