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Drug induced Psychosis Converting into Schizophrenia and Relapses

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Hi I am just wondering What are the chances of Drug induced psychosis converting into schizophrenia. I was diagnosed having Drug induced psychosis and am scared of it turning into schizophrenia. 
Did anyone here experience Drug induced psychosis ( must be from drug use ) Only to find out the symptoms came back everytime they stop medication without further drug use ??? Also Any ongoing psychotics relapses ??
Please Share experiences. Will be appreciated Thank you.

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My psychosis was caused by meth. I had repeated psychotic episodes when ever i used.I quit meth after a massive psychotic episode and was prescribed anti-psychotics. I also was very afraid of relapses when not on medication. I'm still on Abilify and will be for a while longer. I was afraid of developing schizophrenia for a long time so I spoke to my pdoc about this. They advised that I did not have schizophrenia and that my psychosis was caused by meth only. They did warn me however, that should I relapse further then it could turn into a psychotic illness without it being drug induced. So far I've relapsed only once whilst on medication and experienced another episode. I have recovered from that without any lingering symptoms.


So I can't really answer your question as I'm still medicated. But I feel that I am lucky and that I probably won't experience further symptoms once i'm off my meds. As long as I don't use. Your pdoc can definitely address your concerns about schizophrenia and maybe give you some peace of mind. In the mean time the best you can do is stay on your meds for however long you have been prescribed. I was very non-compliant with my meds, and went from one anti psychotic to another. VERY bad idea. Being compliant will give you your best chance of remaining symptom free for good. That and staying away from the drugs of course.

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My very first full blown psychotic episode was caused by cocaine, although now that I know what I'm looking for I had some psychotic symptoms since I was a kid (like hearing things and being very paranoid). But the first full on delusional, full blown paranoid, and the walls are speaking to me psychosis was from drugs.

I believe that drugs can bring on schizophrenia if you have a genetic disposition for the illness. I don't believe that drugs can give you schizophrenia, I just think that they can bring about the development of schizophrenia if you already had the illness. I've had psychotic episodes from every drug I've ever tried, cocaine, mushrooms, weed, ecstasy, acid. All give me long horrid psychotic episodes, messing with your brain chemistry is apparently a bad game to play.

Now I get psychotic episodes every time I stop taking my medication. I'm under the impression that my baseline mental state is being psychotic now and that medication is the only thing keeping me from going totally nuts. I'm absolutely sure that experimenting with drugs made it all worse for me, but I'm absolutely sure that the drugs didn't cause this for me, and that I probably would have gotten to this point even if I never tried drugs (probably just would have taken longer without them to speed things along).


I agree with what Dan said though, talk to your pdoc. Explain to them what you're feeling in regards to developing schizophrenia and see what they say. Your best source of information about your own mental health is your own pdoc, you're paying them to help you and to answer your questions so you might as well get your money's worth and ask them all the questions you can while you still have them around.

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