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My current cocktail

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I am very pleased with my cocktail now.  It took many years to finally figure out, but once it was it was like night and day.  Not all are psych meds, but they all play a role.


ETA:  too many to list; see sig.

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prolixin injections every other week

zyprexa dissolvables daily

propranolol daily

ativan most days

xanax sometimes

trazadone even less frequently

pleased...no, but it gets me by. parts of it are on treatment order so no, not pleased and feel it should be a lot more fucking effective if mandatory

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Mine seems pretty good at the moment, in a depression but working through that.


Haldol: 0.5 mg (psychosis)

Lamictal: 400 mg (mood stabilizer, recently increased to 400 mg)

Losartan: 50 mg (high blood pressure)

Metformin: 1000 mg (trying to balance things out insulin-wise, in case meds are messing with it, this a new med for me)

Saphris: 5 mg (psychosis)

Wellbutrin XL: 450 mg (depression)

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Lithium 600 x 2

Lamotrigine 100 x 2

Clonazepam .5 daily and as needed up to 1.5


diabetes drugs

glimepiride 2

metformin 850 x 2

pravastatin 40


Got rid of the paxil, getting rid of the lamotrigine, everything seems fine right now.  

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Lamictal - Mood

Depakote - Mood/Psychosis stabilization

Xanax - Anxiety

Trazodone - Sedation to sleep

Testosterone Injected (Major surgery screwed with my hormones.  And, I'm getting old LOL) - Helps energy and mood


I'm on a Percaset regimen for a disc in my neck, and I found what when I take that with the others, I get migraines. 


Not a serious cocktail by any means, but it does seem to help.

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I am pretty happy with my current regime.. Right now I am taking 70mg Vyvanse and 2mg Intuniv in the morning, and 10mg Celexa in the evening. I've still got some adjusting to do, with a stim booster of some sort and either clonidine or an AAP in the evening to handle some residual irritability and tension but I've come a long way, baby.

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Lithium - twice daily for mania

Geodon- twice daily for mood stabilization

Prazosin - Nightly for nightmares, PTSD

Trazadone - nightly for insomnia

Clonazepam - occasionally for anxiety


I think this is the best cocktail I've been on in ten years. Also maybe the smallest. I am sorta new to Geodon but it seems to be giving me the stability I need without the weight gain, akathesia, and fuzzy headedness of Abilify. My sleep meds are not really adequate, but it is what my pdoc is comfortable prescribing so I'll have to live with it.

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Early AM:

Armour Thyroid 4 grains 240 mg-Hypothyroidism


With Breakfast:

Effexor 225 mg-Depression

Abilify 7.5 mg-Depression

Vitamin D 5000 i.u.-Low Vit D


With Dinner:

Calcium 1200 i.u.-hypoparathyroidism


Triple Strenght Fish Oil-Mood, Pain, Heart


Night Time:

Neurontin 1800 mg (increased from 1500 mg earlier this week)-Fibromyalgia

Tizanidine 2 mg as needed-pain


Vitamin C-Iron Absorption

Melatonin 5 mg-sleep


It's the best cocktail I've had so far, but I still have horrible fatigue to where I can sleep 14 hours/night.  My depression seems to be well under control in that I am happy most of the time and have a positive outlook, but I am having difficulty with lack of motivation, inability to concentrate, and apathy.  I occasionally have a tremor.  So I want to ask the pdoc about something for that.  I am prescribed metoprolol for heart palpitations, but gdoc thought it was increasing my fatigue, and advised me to stop it.  I had worse palpitations for a while, and fatigue didn't really get any better.  Pain is still pretty bad most days.  Rheumy says I can take more Neurontin, but I am concerned that more will make me dopey and more fatigued. 

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I take 100mg topamax in the am and in the pm. It works fairly decently as a mood stabilizer. Titration and the first month were rough with side effects, but I didn't bitch like usual and request another med like I used to. I "toughed it out" and stuck with it. Now it works well and very little side effects. A lot of weight loss and lack of appetite. Pop tastes funny, so does chocolate. I loved pop and chocolate. Now I drink a lot of juice and eat saltier foods. A few side effects. Tolerable though.


40mg lexapro, which I want lowered because it does make me bounce off the walls.. for OCD-type thoughts and depression. I notice it more for the thoughts. A bit of side effects, harder to reach orgasm, the mood swings once in a while..


20-40mg Ritalin. Some days I take 20mg, some days I take 40mg. It's written "20-40mg as needed". It helps me focus, I apparently have had ADHD (inattentive) since I was a child. The teachers thought I was inattentive because I was bored and fidgety because schoolwork being too easy. I was diagnosed a year ago. I sometimes get anxious if I take the full 40mg a day, and have to take it before 4pm or I have trouble sleeping, even with the melatonin.


1.5 mg clonazepam, 0.5mg in the am, 1mg in the pm. Helps me sleep, keeps the anxiety away.  I could probably go down to 1mg a day, but I like having extra, just in case. No side effects.


 5mg artane, for Piportil side effects. No side effects from it, and I don't notice anything from the Piportil, either.


Piportil injections, every 2 weeks, to get rid of the psychosis, and most lately, delusions. It helps a lot, and the injections aren't too bad. I actually wish I had done it sooner. It really got rid of the psychosis and has so few side effects I don't notice them. I'm glad I have success with it. Go to my doctor, get the shot, come home.. I don't notice much change anymore, but after the first injection my mind was so clear and the delusions faded away. I just thought "I should have done this 10 years ago". I know a lot shy at the thought of needles and stuff, which I kinda did, but it does help.


5mg melatonin, over the counter. Suggested when I was IP by nurses and my pdoc (even though my pdoc gave me stronger meds to sleep). It helps me get a good nights rest, since I'm not taking an AP daily anymore, and I'm not drowsy at night. It calms me down and helps me fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. I was sceptical at first, but it actually works. I spent $6 on a bottle of 90 at the pharmacy. They approved it with the pharmacist (with the meds I'm on) and it works well. I don't usually take OTC stuff, but it actually works! And its non addictive and I don't sleep walk or anything. (Ambien and other z-drugs kinda scare me, I'm not saying they're bad, I know many they've helped, but I'm wary of taking them, myself)

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Dexedrine XR 15mgs in the morning -- fixes my ADD with no side-effects

Zyprexa 7.5mgs in the morning and 7.5mgs at night -- Primary mood stabilizer, mostly fixes my bipolar depression, helps some with anxiety and mixed moods

Stelazine 1-2mgs as needed -- Stops anxiety and mixed episodes dead in their tracks

I'm pretty happy with my cocktail right now, though I do debate whether I'd be more stable taking 1mg of the Stelazine daily instead of only as a PRN. The risk of TD makes me hesitate, though, and time will tell how much I end up needing the PRN.

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My Current Cocktail:


  1. Lithium 800mg PM: For Mood stabilisation
  2. Seroquel XR 800mg PM: For Depression, For Mania, For Mood Stabilisation
  3. Lamictal 100mg AM, 100mg pm: For Mood Stabilisation
  4. Prozac 40mg AM: For Depression
  5. Kemadrin 5mg AM: For akathisia and restlessness brought on by Seroquel XR
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  1. Prozac - treats OCD/anxiety
  2. Seroquel XR - treats mood and OCD/anxiety
  3. Lamictal - treats mood
  4. Intuniv - improves focus, attention, memory, and impulse control
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Haldol (depot, 50mg)- Just started with injections coming out of IP. I've been on oral Haldol before and I think it worked pretty well. So I do have some hope for this.


Latuda (120mg)- Recently put on this one. No side effects. Possibly irritability but not sure if it's this med or another.


Ritalin (10mg)- Too low of a dose to feel anything. Gets risky asking for a higher does because of psychosis and mania and whatnot. Going to try anyway, I really want to have my thoughts organized.


Klonopin (1mg)- Anxiety I guess...it was kinda just thrown in there. I take it at night.


Trazodone (100mg)- Couldn't sleep for days so I was put on this.


Ambien (10mg)- Same reason as traz.


The K-pin, traz, and ambien put me in the deepest slumber I've ever been in. It's just wonderful.


Cogentin- Potential side effects

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