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Hi everyone

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After 5 years of lurking, I summoned the courage and wherewithal to create an account and make this post. I'm a 24 year old girl living in the midwest. I like art, music, and ideas, and i like to talk about them with other people. Also, I have a longtime interest in mental disorders and their biological basis. I read about new developments in brain research whenever I can and have served on a research team at a local outpatient hospital that specializes in mood disorders.

This started as an attempt to understand an (undiagnosed) immediate family member. It later became an attempt to understand what was going on in my own brain and how to feel better. New research about the neurological differences in people with mood disorders has been extremely cathartic for me in battling my own stigma and fears about my illness.

After a scary and wildly out of character manic/hypomanic attack last spring, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II and substance abuse. I used narcotics to deal with my unstable moods until my doctor prescribed Lamictal and later Wellbutrin to deal with my symptoms.

I was first diagnosed when I was 16 with MDD after a several months long episode of deep melancholic depression. This led to years of exhausting and frustrating trials of antidepressants and long periods in between of 'giving up' on ever finding out why I was suffering. None of them worked and no clinician ever offered an alternative treatment, which made me feel hopeless. I've battled (and continue to struggle with) anorexia and later bulimia as well as abuse from my dad, who has also been clinically diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. I suspect that other members of his family may also be affected.

Although I am still working to cope with my mood swings and find the right medication, I'm a different person today than I was 10, 5, or even 2 years ago. Much of the time, this forum helped me get through it, as well as Jerod's extensive library of meds at CrazyMeds. Thanks for your inspiring and helpful posts. I look forward to being a part of the discussion.

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Welcome to the club.  I won't tell you to read the rules---if you've been lurking for 5 years, you know the drill!


I'm glad you joined us and I hope you like being one of the nuts in this can.



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