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Pics of Your Pets


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Yay for pet pics!




This is my girl Ria. When we got her as a tiny puppy I was the one who looked after her the most in the first week. So I kind of became her favourite. (She's still a puppy really, she's only 8 months old.) I'm away at uni now and I miss her lots.


She is half cavalier king charles spaniel and half bichon frise. I suspect that she is not the brightest pup but she is the best cuddler. 

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More pictures of Spike




My dog likes to watch tv.  This is him watching Downton Abbey.




This is him in one of my wife's blouses.  I forgot why we did that.  Poor guy.




When we come home, Spike gets excited and brings us his favorite toys, sometimes up to three or four of them at a time.



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I'm so glad to see pictures of Spike, koakua.  I  love the picture with one ear up and one ear down.  heh


I think Hoover is my fave of all the little pups rescued by Indigo.  He's so floofy!


I'm enjoying this thread, too. miab, I think the gray and white cat is just SO nonchalant in that shot!  la la la---take my picture 'cause I'm handsome....



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So, has Spike had the appropriate career advice for how to use his art history qualification? :)


Hagar, your kitty is beautiful - I just want to scratch that tummy, even though I have the scars on my hand to show what happens when I "just scratch that tummy" on my three! 



Animal people are good people... it's very nice to know there are so many good people on these boards!

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This is my six year old girl, Miracle Maxine, known as Max or Smacky for short. We call her Smacky because she tends to be, ah, excitable. I rescued her out from under a dumpster when she was about four weeks old. She is the darling of my heart. She saved my life, no lie.




And this is my two year old marmalade boy, Luigi (we call him Wee Weegie, because, though he's grown into a huge living scarf, he is the youngest), with my sister's big guy, Oxnard (also known as Mr. Hollywood, for his megawatt smile). These two gents are both shelter rescues, clearly both standoffish and not at all cuddly.





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Oh Mim, Smacky is adorable! They both look like total sweethearts. 


^_^ I'll tell them you said so. Smacky-cat never gets tired of being told she's pretty, haha. 


Luigi is the sweetest cat I've ever met. He'll follow me around, waiting patiently for me to sit so he can get up in my lap and get hugs.

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