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Pics of Your Pets


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The "wheek wheek" noises are SO cool. Guinea pigs rock. They're so affectionate and cute. My brother's pig likes to curl up under your neck and nibble your chin.

Skrinkle is adorable. I love the long, floofy hair! :D

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Thanks everyone. Skrinkle was watching and if he didn't get good comments, he was going to take over the world and start with me, so I'm glad everyone likes him. He's chaotic evil. Never know what he's gonna do next..


I can totally video him one day and someone get him riled up and running around making noise.. hehe. Not sure how... I don't want to be mean. That would be cute though. Sometimes when I open the fridge in my room and he doesn't get a carrot he'll run around and WHEEK. 


I'm currently out of carrots. I must go apologize to the guinea pig, my ruler. See why he's in a cage?!



He's such an awesome puff ball. He can detect evil. He cuddles with me, and pretty much everyone. My old roommate, going back a year and a half, wanted to hold him, and I let her, and he bit her, hard. She fucked me over in the end. He has good taste of character. If they're bad people, he bites 'em. He's only bit her...

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Newton is beautiful. I bet you have to brush him often. Beautiful fur and eyes and colours, I want to snuggle him!


Aww look at Polly Pop-up. Such a cutie pie, look at that personality radiating in the picture. "I like to play!"


This is 7 year old Max, a black lab beagle mix, sneaking in to make a steal.




Aha! I knew someone would get socks for Christmas!




I had to trade him a piece of cheese for that sock. My dad was happy he got his new sock back, though.

Smart-ass dog. He trained us well. He's so cute, and everyone loves Max!

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That picture of Polly Pop-up is adorable! What a great little dog! I'm not even a dog person, but that made me laugh out loud.


Mel, I'll say again, Newton is beautiful. I love the expression on his face in the second photo.


EDIT: I cannot resist...here's a picture of my Luigi as a baby. This was the day after I adopted him. I don't wonder why I couldn't leave without him, even though I wasn't even there to adopt a pet, but was with someone else who was adopting.



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Indigo, did you take that picture of the last picture you posted?  That is really neat!  If so, how did you get the white background?


I did! If i post a photo taken by someone else or from google I always make note of the source.


I used a long lens in a close up focus and the background blurred out to white: I should note that Pip was stationary and the background was static. It does not always work for me, I am a novice with a digital camera, but when it does I like it.


This is Big Sis herding goats, I did not use the long lens for this one as there was too much activity, thus the brush in the background is apparent...



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