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Greetings from Rustybeth

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I'm here to see if I can find some information on a few general subjects.


I was on citalopram for depression since 2001 and was well controlled. I developed a chronic pain issue in 2010, relating to hip inflammation, it is neurological in nature, not joint or muscle related (yes, I've seen LOTS of specialists).  Nothing seems to help it.  So I've been on an alternating cocktail of pain meds (mainly paracetamol (acetominophen) and codiene or dextropropoxyphene (until it was pulled from the market here).  I am hyper sensitive to most medications, so I have trouble with hydrocodone, morphine, and oxycodone.

My only experience with fentanyl was very limited so I don't know about it.  I can't take NSAIDS due to gastric issues.  


My doc recently suggested changing my antidepressant to a different drug so I could take Tramadol, as it is contraindicated with SSRIs.  So I was switched to Effexor (later found out it's just as bad a risk for serotonin syndrome as the citalopram) and it had a HORRIBLE effect: mainly killed my ability to sleep, caused me to have sudden onset rage issues, crying bouts, and then the lack of sleep has led to functional decline in my memory, concentration and problem solving areas.  I had an acute breakdown a short while a go, and I weaned off the Effexor and I'm now in a holding position.  I take 5-htp to help me sleep at night.  I average around 4 hours, between the pain, a snoring husband, and two pre-schoolers.  I'm starting to go bonkers and I need some help but I don't want to start experimenting with drugs to see what "works", basically because I know it takes 4-6 weeks to achieve a clinically effective dose of most antidepressants, and then you still have to monkey with the dosage to get it right.


I am terrified of getting addicted to any pain meds.  I don't drink alcohol.  I mainly self medicate with chocolate. 


And I'm exhausted just from writing that.  I'll try to be social if I see you in chats, but I am currently unable to concentrate well enough to follow a running chat window.

I'll dive into the forums, but the few searches I've run on various questions haven't had any hits.  Maybe I need to rephrase myself.




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Hi! Welcome to Crazyboards. I'm sorry about the pain, it sucks terribly. Chocolate is great, but you could get cavities! But it does come in a variety of flavours with few side effects, such as mild weight gain, euphoria, craving more, possible cavities (so brush those teeth) and withdrawal symptoms if stopped suddenly. :) I joke. Good choice of self medication


Pain meds can suck.


There are some meds that can help pain, such as gabapentin, lyrica, and more. You can find them on the site. I hope you get relief, really hope. 

Rest well. Hope to see you around!

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