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Hi everybody!


9 months ago my family doctor prescribed me Citalopram. Killed my libido in 4-6 days. We removed it.


Then tried Mirtazapine (15mg), which let me have some control over my thoughts, but I slept a lot.

I thought my family doc's prescriptions were not the best choices, so I went to a psychiatrist.



The psychiatrist administered me several tests, and now I have a folder with all my problems.

I've been on Mirtazapine 30mg for 6 days and now I sleep like a normal person. I've made changes in my behavior too.


I've been 3 days also on Pristiq (50mg), and I'm starting to feel the same Citalopram crap.

The 1st day, after just 5-6 hours, I tried to masturbate and I had great trouble getting an orgasm, and I never have these problems. Today I feel almost asexual.


The psychiatrist said that perhaps the impotence I had from Citalopram was something transitory, but from what I've read, most people don't recover while on it.


Under most circumstances I'd give it a try but... I've just met a girl and we have a first date soon... And 40% of my depression is because of being single, and 20% from being a 24-year-old virgin. And I meet single women very rarely.


Do you have statistics or something? I read only ~10% people had sexual problems. Could I recover while on Pristiq? I highly doubt turning me into an eununch is the best thing under my circumstances.


Thank you very much.



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Well, my advice is to wait a few weeks and see if it goes away.  If it doesn't, talk to your pdoc and possibly change meds.


In the mean time I think you should be honest with this woman you are possibly going to date.  If she is worth her salt she will be understanding, if you explain things to her if and when it comes to that point.  

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