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i don't really know and i'm sure i'll find out more next week. this week. no, next week, today is saturday


anyway, so prolixin is failing me and i'm being switched to haldol depot

but i got a bunch of haldol yesterday in lieu of the prolixin



fuck i don't know


is anyone on haldol depot? the regular injections have all but once been pretty fantastic for me when in the hospital but i've not done depot as outpatient before. well, not haldol ones. only prolixin that i remember right now.


has anyone changed from one type to another more generally? i don't know if you can do it just one to another...i don't know

i'm sure there's a plan and i'm sure i'll found out about it on monday or tuesday

maybe when the mental health worker comes by today to check on me


but if anyone has experience switching depot injection types at all, i'd appreciate hearing how it went down for you


and is anyone else on haldol depot? i guess not "else" as i've just gotten the regular ones yesterday but going to the depot sometime this week. like i said, i'm sure there's a plan and i'm just not keeping it all in my head straight right now. 


cheers x

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i'm sure i'll have to take something...cogentin, propranolol or artane

as i have persistent eps

so that's not a problem


wow that's kind of a fucked up thing to have be not a worry


anyway, cheers

i'm glad it worked for you when you took it

the regular injection has all but once, so i'm being all hopeful and shit


i don't know what the switching entails

maybe nothing of note?

maybe... anyway, thank you!


(i am fucking *DE layed reaction* right now from the onesihad yesterday

 i wnoder if that's whats 

hm....nevermind. i don't know where i was going there

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switching kinda sucks


there's a titration process and the only "different" i feel right now is that so far i'm just calmer

"don't wanna be sedated"

but i still know they're fucking with me with their implants

i can feel them getting transmissions if nothing else

fine; i'll bide my time


anyway, just posting to say that the difference in prolixin and haldol depot that i've encountered thus far is that the prolixin is effective faster. if by "effective" one indicates not having a desire to organize countermeasures to protect self. *however*...it didn't hurt as much and it's more sedating for me so though i am all about said organizing....i also don't give a fuck in a way because that would require a lot of me and i have approximately this much excitement about anything: __.


yes, that's a blank.


there's a titration process, however, and maybe after the end of the week, or more probably in a month when i'm ostensibly sorted...i'll be able to say if there's any real difference. well, apart from the prolixin starting to crap out fast despite increases and haldol near always having been my saving grace when hauled in.


switching does seem to be a pain in the ass...literally...and figuratively, though, thus far. i'm still on the zyprexa dissolvables in addition so at least there isn't a whole devolving into disorganization whilst making this switch. because that would be exactly what i'd need ...ha!


EDIT: oh, and the haldol didn't hurt as much. even today my bum doesn't hurt like it used to with the prolixin. also, i think i thought that since the hydro..hydro.fuck..blah blah blah...the not "decanoate" injection form was SO fast acting all but once (like...within twenty minutes for sure...but maybe more like ten) i think i thought that the depot would act as quickly. like...the difference in immediate fluphenazine and depot fluphenazine is less, if that makes sense, than the difference between how quick the immediate haldol injection and the depot haldol is for sorting.

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i've been writing more about it in my blog as not so ...public, obviously. BUT, in case anyone stumbles across this thread, the switch: TOTALLY WORTH IT.



my eps flares haven't been too bad and the haldol might, dare to dream, actually be working! my head's clearer than it's been in ages and ages.


i don't want to jinx self speaking too soon, but tentatively...i might be treatment responsive again. holy shit! i had one more booster yesterday but should be set for *at least* three weeks! also awesome. still taking the zyprexa dissolvables and haven't had any disorganization to speak of. i hope there's not another foot to fall, because if this continues there might actually be a bit of peace for me in this life after all.

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  • 1 month later...

i should never do major medication changes outside of the hospital

i have been told this several times, though i somehow don't think it should be the case

and yet... hopefully if there's a next time i will present self in lieu of going through the shit show churn again


haldol is still better than prolixin

for me, thus far. 

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You are the only person I have seen on the forum that takes/took prolixin. I take pills though.

It really helps with paranoia.


I've also taken prolixin injection.  It helped a lot with hallucinations/calming my mind down.  I tried the pills but they didn't have the same effect as the injection did.

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You are the only person I have seen on the forum that takes/took prolixin. I take pills though.

It really helps with paranoia.


it has helped enormously and did for awhile as depot

i have the pills, too. they seemed better than the depot but not better than the ER ones, if that makes sense. 


anyway, yeah, typicals work best for my psychotic symptoms for sure. atypicals mostly just make things horrible in a different way though they have uses and zyprexa is a lot more necessary for me than i realized, for sure. 

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