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Baby salt water crocodile


Not cute, but interesting. These things live in the northern part of Australia. They alternate between being serial killer pest species that needs culling to control population, and being a protected, endangered species.


This often confused me in my young years, until I learned more about them: SWC's only have one natural predator-adult male SWC's. So we alternate between having large populations of adult male SWC's in salt water rivers etc up north where lots of swimming happens [low economic area generally, cheap fun] and people get ate, then they cull the adult males, often too much and we have an endangere species [again] but they breed like rabbits, which is a natural protection against the adult males tat eat all the babies in large quantities. But with out all the adult males to eat them, most of the breeding stock live and eventually reach back to a comfortable population of juvenile/just on breding aged males, before growing too big and cranky and too many and people get ate again... wash, rinse, repeat

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Just discovered this thread and read it all at once. Binged on baby animal cuteness.  I feel a bit sick.


this particular critter looks just as cute as an adult.




edit: baby sloth btw.

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