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Who the hell I am

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Hi! :D


I'm Monica. I like little baby ducks, hangin' out, keeping it real, and long walks through, like, the cute parts of town, you know?


Shit...I pasted the wrong introduction. :smartass:


I'm Monica. Not really...but I like that name, so we'll go with it, okay?  :lol:  I've never been to see anyone yet, because I live at home, and I'm waiting til after I graduate. But I've known for a long time that I'm not right. I like "mentally interesting." That's a good summary.


Anyway, I'm a student, but I'm into photography and hiking. I'm trying to figure out what the "real world" is, if it's not school and running around like a crazy girl. I hope it's okay to post even though I don't have a doctor or anything. I'm not looking for diagnosis, promise!


Gah, I suck at these. Thanks for reading!


PS: is it okay to post a bunch of questions at once? I don't want to spam the boards or whatever, but there's a lot that I want to ask, and when I do get a doctor I want to be prepared, so I want to know where to read about this, too. Thanks!

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Monica, here is how you post your questions.  If it's about symptoms of depression, post them in the forum for depression.  Ditto with anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, etc.  Just post the question where it seems to make the most sense.


If you are having problems with your parents, post in the Family Feud forum.  Relationship questions go in the Relationship forum.  If you want to talk about your life, you are welcome to start a blog.


I hope you will talk to a counselor at school or someone who can get you in to see a mental health professional.  We can't diagnose you here and if you feel like you are Mentally Interesting, you really should seek professional help.


Welcome to Crazyboards!



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Did I hear baby ducks?

Welcome to CB, Monica.

Photography is awesome! We have a few talented photographers on the site.  Indigo n Dye is always posted beautiful shots on her blog. Olga is always making us hungry, posting her delicious meals on her blog!


Post where it seems fit. If you feel it fits Bipolar, post there, etc, like what olga said.

We can't diagnose, thanks for recognising that, and being prepared for a doctor visit is definitely a great step. Go you. :)

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