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Hey, everyone


I guess I better get this awkward introduction over with (even online where I can re-read and rewrite until it is an 'ideal' introduction I'm no good at these things).


My name is Christian (xmo is a play on initials and stuff, call me whatever)

I have been living with mental illness - well, the bigger stuff - for about fifteen years, but only recently got to see a doctor. She told me I am bipolar (though no specific type), which is something I have suspected for years, but I also think there is more going on (periods of stand-alone delusions, apathy, of course, social anxiety, overuse of parentheses).


Anyway, I came across your neat little board here a while ago while screwing around online, but only got around to joining the other day. (Again, even online, approaching a group is tough.) I dig it. I have seen other sites where people are only there to feel totally sorry for themselves. Though, I understand this mindset, and there's no guarantee I won't ever go try them out, that's not really my thing. I have a twisted sense of humor - because sometimes you just have to when dealing with this stuff, am I right? This board seems to be an excellent balance between peer support and realist humor.


I have been an advocate of peer support, or, "the buddy system" for years. Myself and my old friend (who is borderline) were each other's buddies for years, but have since lost touch except through occasional Facebook posts. Being around people who aren't sick is nice, sometimes, but it's not the same. They may be understanding, but they don't understand, ya know? I hope that even an internet group buddy system will help me a bit and I extend whatever aid and experience I have toward you should you need it.

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It does help to have people as friends who have been through similar situations, and you will find lots of those kinds of nutz here in our happy asylum.  A twisted sense of humor is just what you need to survive, if you ask me!


Welcome to Crazyboards and be sure to read the rules if you didn't do it when you signed up.



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Welcome, xmo. 


Indigo, I love the word panache! 


We encourage peer support. No need to be nervous about posting. Post on the boards, start a blog, drop into chat, whatever you like. We have a nice community here. We're different from other boards. Admins are orange with an overline, mods are blue, and chat mods are purple. We're the inmates. :)

There's a lot of info to be found. Settle in, get comfy.


We don't walk on eggshells here. We're blunt, we tell the truth, and we fuckin' swear. But CB is a great place to be. Mods and admins are members first, mods and admins second. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There aren't any stupid questions, just stupid people. :)

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