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I randomly stop feeling my invega work

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Hi one night like the feeling of ten moths worth of taking invega sustenna just randomly stopped working and I no longer feel it. I went to go smoke a cigarette after I felt the meds drunkenness like affect go away and my cigarettes don't give me the same buzz as they used to and  barely felt them work. coffee and alcohol all don't work the same anymore either. I am wondering if anhedonia can occur randomly after so much medication. because I seem to feel less pleasure and my life has changed dramatically. anyways my point is, is why did the invega sustennas effects just randomly disappear?

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Drinking is probably a bad idea.. And using the med to get a "drunk" feeling.. well, its supposed to make you stable, not drunk. I think you've got the wrong idea..


In psychology and psychiatryanhedonia (/ˌænhiˈdniə/ an-hee-doh-nee-əGreek: ἀν- an-, "without" + ἡδονή hēdonē, "pleasure") is defined as the inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable, e.g. exercise, hobbies, music, sexual activities or social interactions



Smoking never really gave me a "buzz", I hope you mean cigarettes. It just gave me something to do.. I think you're looking for a high and can't find it.

I don't drink and I'm quitting smoking.. I'm on a lot of meds and have never experienced anhedonia from meds, only from syptoms of my illness. It could be that happening. Schizophrenia and depression have a lot of negative symptoms where you lose pleasure. You might need a bump up in the dose, or another med to help make you feel better.


Sometimes when you become stable, it seems like you've stopped feeling pleasure, but really, you're feeling things normally, you've stabilized. 

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i think i might know what you mean by drunkness and buzz

and it's not necessarily about getting high so much as feeling anything

feeling the sedation and buffering and "agitation" or edge being blunted that feels like "drunkenness" for me...especially at first. and it has become what "feeling" means sometimes, especially when first started on or when first yanked back out of being florid


and there is a sort of..stupefaction a smack in the face of post psychotic depression really sinking in, that is a known thing to happen with schizophrenia and for me depot and immediate/acute injections can exacerbate that or exacerbate negative symptoms that crop up...others report that it has given it to them (i've not had it give it to me, but i have had at least a quarter of those i've exacerbate that phenomenon for some period of time...out of having injections of many varieties, many, many times)


and there is also a jolt of living sorting one's head and reminder of at least being real, however bare, existence that cigarettes give you--they can connect me to a world in which i find myself groundless, is what i'm failing to express properly

and if you can't feel anything anymore, you notice the things you used to sense and maybe those aren't the most friendly-viewed terms to use, but they're the ones that come to mind


i have felt similar from both depot and immediate injections and sometimes it's just a matter of adjustment

sometimes it's the dosage 

sometimes it's the timing 


a lot of times it's the slump after an acute episode that takes its sweet fucking time passing though when your ass hits the ground again


if it's similar to what i've experienced myself

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Thanks for everything but my whole point of drunkeness was just to explain the invega sustennas feeling you know like your heavily on something because of countless nights of feeling overmedicated the effects went away. I wasn't trying to get high of of it I was forced to take it. also I have a twin that talks in my mind not a mental disorder that's what they don't get. anyways my point was is that I was on a heavy dose 117 but the heavy effects just went away one night and since its my brain it correlates with using things like alcohol which im trying to say don't work the same everythings different. which makes me think its anhedonia.

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