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Need to sleep without meds

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I was wondering if anyone has the same thing as I do?


When it is time for me to sleep I have like two parts of my brain functioning, one is wanting to sleep the other is just

annoying and tries to keep me awake, I literally have told my head to go to sleep and stop being stupid.


Sometimes it counts to 100 really fast, or it will repeat the same words over and over such as "Night night Bob" (when I have said goodnight to my dog).

Or it will sing parts of a song over and over.

The other night it mixed two and it was repeating "LET IT BREATH" (from the rapping Blue Cantrell song) and part of a cartoon song

"A num num num" together.

Or if I have played a game, read a book, written HTML code in the daytime I will see that.

I end up not sleeping untill 6 or 7am in the morning, sometimes not at all.


I told my pyscologist and he has given me no help, all I was given was prozac which helped for about 5 years, then suddenly it stopped working.  So they have no doubled it and given me sleeping tablets, which work for a while then stop once I am used to them.


I know why I have it, it was a way that my brain stopped me from remembering a very bad car crash that my family and I were in way back in 1991.  I lost my baby boy and my husband was severely brain damaged, I saw it all as I awoke a few seconds after the crash.

My mum and sister were knocked out, so I had to get everyone out of the car before it blew up.  I saw what no mother or wife is meant to see, but I do feel that I am over it.  I do not have any non-dealt with grief etc etc

But I just want it to stop, I feel so tired.


The doctors here just give me new meds which do not work for long.

I´m forgetful, I don´t even listen to music anymore as I cannot remember the words to my most favorite songs, it is like they are new to me.  I also cannot stand loud noises now, so crowds, fiestas etc are out of the question.

I even have to sneak off away from my family and grandson if they are noise, I feel as though everything is just too loud, even the little tank in my room annoys me due to the almost silent filter running.


I have been diagnosed with OCD/Anxiety as I count my steps sometimes, I sit on the same seat on the bus, turn the microwave off at 4, 8 or 16.  I have to have my room just so or I get agitated.



Is anyone the same.

I need to sleep without meds as none of them work for very long, my body just seems to get used to them all really fast.

I do not want to end up taking loads of meds and being a zombie.

I´m already emotionally dead, a bit like Dr Spock, all logical and androgynous.


:unsure:   Eridu


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That is really, really rough. I can relate to getting obsessive thoughts going non-stop in my brain while trying to fall asleep to a degree. Some ideas that I have tried that seem to help are 1. I sleep with a fan on. The white noise and the air circulation calm me. 2. If the thoughts are really bad sometimes I will listen to a self-help audiobook while trying to fall asleep. You could do any book, I just like self-help books because I often find them kind of boring, but also positive and can find a good narrator that has a very calm monotone voice that I can focus on, but also not get to into to kind of zone out and eventually fall asleep. I am able to get the audiobooks for free through my library, but you can also find free ones online or on youtube.


I'm sorry you're struggling so much. It takes such a toll on one's body to not get any or enough sleep. I wish you the best of luck.

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I have tried white noise there is a good site simplynoise.com but it failed to work it did stop my dogs from barking though  :D

I have several Buddhist music cds, I play them to soothe my mind, helps me but not to sleep, just makes me feel comfier lying there.

Seems to all just help my dogs sleep better, they do not listen to noises outside in the street.


I have tried meditation, incense, many herbal products, even crystals...I just want off the meds.


But thank you for you kind reply, it was most welcomed.

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Just wanted to say I read what you wrote, and hope you find relief soon.


Have you tried melatonin?  It is a natural OTC pill you can get.  I've never heard of someone becoming tolerant of it.  It is something your body makes naturally too.  I'd ask your pdoc though before starting anything new.


And welcome to CB :)

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Yes I have tried that, in fact I still have a bottle of it left.

Again it worked for a while, I was so happy and it was cheap for me to buy as well.


The thing is my doctor just seems to put it all down to tension at home between my daughter and I.

Because my meds stopped working he said there had to be a trigger so he kept asking her how things were,

she being a teen said that I do not hug her a lot or show many emotions etc.

So now he is harping on that, he isn´t even trying to find out why I am having this trouble or even explaining if he has

seen it before.

He accused me of being arrogant and rude because my daughter told him that I speak my mind to people and have no friends!

I told him I prefer it that way and I am honest to people not rude.

He is an ass but there are no more I can see as he is the head one, all my brain scans are normal, so are the chemicals.

I thought he´d have some way of me counter acting what is going on in my head, maybe understand.


I just was curious if other people had this problem too, so I don´t feel like I am crazy.

I have read here that some do have loops of songs etc, clutter in their head, so I feel a tad better knowing that.

ALL I know is I cannot still my head, it is constantly thinking, talking, singing, nothing calms it.

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