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Anyone here with early onset schizophrenia?

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This is kind of a spin off of that other thread about how you were when you were a child/teenager.


My onset was early, there's no "before" for me.  I've been hearing voices from a very young age, and I've also been "delusional" from a young age.  The thought disorganization didn't really set in severely until I was a teenager, but it had been there in milder forms before then.  I was barely able to complete high school.  I'm surprised I made it that far, to be frank.  I was flunking out and had to eventually be home schooled because the school environment was just too harsh for me.  I was always sensitive and I was badly bullied when I was in normal school because I was strange and different.  


I'm just wondering if anyone else's illness started early?

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mine started full on around seventeen but didn't first end up in hospital until nineteen.


it's early for what used to be the paranoid subtype and my being female (which is usually late twenties for women with that type), but i don't know that that's really what you're meaning by early. i suspect it's not as much since i know yours started far earlier. with mine, it wasn't childhood. i was an odd kid, but i didn't hear voices until my teens.

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a few of my remaining childhood memories are from when I was very little   seeing people that no one else saw

I would communicate with myself in the bathrooms at school when I was alone in made up languages  

I always knew on some level to hide these behaviors


I was depressed as far back as I can remember 


I wrote my first  kinda suicide note  in 2nd grade


I thought people were out to get me   and they were conspiring against me


I didn't receive mental health treatment until I begged and pleaded at age 17

at 17 I got my first psychosis lable

at 22 I was finally diagnosed schizophrenic

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I was depressed as far back as elementary school.  I wasn't in treatment, but once the ED started at 15 the whole MI thing started coming out.  I wasn't diagnosed with SZA though until my early 30s.  Before that it was bipolar 1 from my early 20s.  So I guess it wasn't early-onset, sorry if this post doesn't help.  Just wanted to chime in.

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