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gosh introductions are difficult

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I'm terrible at introductions so I'll just dive right in. Last week I attempted suicide and spent the rest of the week in the psych ward where I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. it was a real wake up call for me. I've known there was something wrong with me since I was a child, but always kept it secret for many reasons. For the first time in my life, I am admitting there is a problem and seeking help. I guess I joined these forums looking for more information on my disorder as well as support. Not really sure what else to say here, I guess it's off to explore the forums. 

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Hello and welcome.


Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time.

You're here amongst fellow loons now.

You've found a good bunch of people with a high degree of  awareness of the variety of human mentality.


Plenty of time to settle in. Why not try  the lol cats and other cheering and odd threads in "I've got the good stuff here" and in "Whatever"? 


One thought struck me..

" I've known there was something wrong with me since I was a child,"


Might that be 

" I've known there was something different about  me since I was a child," ?


One way of spotting the difference: If the whole world was full of people like you, would you still have problems?

If that is edging towards a "no" answer, it may be more "difference" than simply "wrong".  

(Which can cause quite enough stress in a society at large which is often not good at accepting or handling difference,

and can tend to tell such folk they are "wrong" for happening to be different.) 


Just a thought, 


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Thanks for the welcomes.


You are right Chris, I need to change my way of thinking from "wrong" to "different". Part of my problem is that a lot of my SI is to punish myself and a complete lack of (probably even negative) self esteem and self image. These are all problems I've been battling with. But I definitely agree with you, I am just different, not defective. 

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Welcome to our happy home.  I hope you enjoy getting to know our members.


It's brave to admit that you need help with something, and many people who are Mentally Interesting deny it for years.  Now you're on the right path and you have found your people! :)


I'm glad you showed up.  Get some coffee and stay a while.



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