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Cymbalta vs imipramine: thoughts?

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Background...SSRI's are pooping out for me.  From 2006 onward, I have been through Prozac (recycled), Paxil, Lexapro, now on Zoloft(recycled), and at one point Effexor was tried.


...I flipped out hard on Effexor....like on the 37.5 baby dose!

Extreme agitation and rage combined with suicidal ideation.

Called the doc and he cross-tapered me onto zoloft super-fast.


I'm debating on whether I should even bother trying Cymbalta, because it's a pretty similar chemical, or just go straight to imipramine, which IS likely to make me fat again, but is highly unlikely to cause the hell of agitation.


Pro:IF Cymbalta works for me, it'll help me to maintain my weight loss and give me an alternative to the SSRI's, which would probably work again if I spent a few years off them.


Con: IF Cymbalta fails as epically as Effexor did, it'll be a couple of weeks of sheer hell.


Those of you who are bipolar:  think "Mixed state."  I was both suicidal and rageful.  It was fucking horrible.


...I doubt there's any way y'all can answer this for me, and it'll be just down to "try this pill."

Thinking about it...

One argument against the Cymbalta, this time I'm going through the county clinic.

... getting in touch with them in a crisis is...well, it's more like call them up and they might fit you in in a few days, or you can go to the psych ER or something...so I'd be more likely stuck having to tough out a horrible bad reaction.

That makes me less likely to want to risk the cymbalta.


We are going to go up on my Zoloft for now, so maybe that plus adding the dopeymax, er topamax, will keep me floating along for a bit without swapping AD's.


Any other ideas y'all might have, please feel free.  Oh. I asked, and the county doesn't carry Brintellix yet.  Too expen$ive for us po' folks.



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FWIW, Effexor made my blood pressure skyrocket, but I love Cymbalta. It is a relief to my pocketbook that it is finally available as a generic.


Cymbalta has keep me reasonable stable for a good year. I did have to be off of it for many weeks, but had no withdrawals, and it work as well now as it did the first time.


Good luck with whatever course you decide on.

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Don't discount the fact that you could also get a bad reaction to Imipramine too. I, personally, would go with Cymbalta first and later try Imipramine if things don't work out. FWIW, Cymbalta didn't really help me, but it felt completely different than Effexor did for me. As you stated, you really just have to try them.

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