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Hello all! BP II here!

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Hello all of you!


I have been diagnosed as BP II with GAD. Anyone out there with same diagnosis that can share their experiences with me? I am interested in finding out about all of you and the difficulties periods of your life that this BP illness has caused you and me.


Like an old but classic TV commercial said: "Life is an adventure. Enjoy the ride! (in one of their expensive cars). However, I have found life to be full of very large potholes and bumps. And frequently I do not seem to be moving, or not going anywhere. I have been feeling lately that I need a new car!  ;)



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Hi, tucson and welcome to Crazyboards.


I ask all new members to read the rules, just so you get a feel for how we operate.


If you want to ask about the interaction between BPII and GAD, I would suggest posting in the Bipolar forum.  More people will read it there who can share their experiences.  Not everyone reads the introduction board.


I hope you like it here and don't be afraid to ask questions.



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