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Aint life grand when changing meds for anxiety causes anxiety? FML


I have been taking Pristiq for approx 3mo's. Went directly from Celexa one morning to Pristiq the next night. Transitioning from an SSRI to an SSNRI was physically brutal, but I worked through the initial side effects (some not so negative), and found that Pristiq REALLY helped my GAD. I mean, insanely effective.

But I would still have moments when I would have to fight off a panic attack--the


Oh my god, I can't breathe, I CAN'T BREATHE!!!/ Oh my god, I'm having a stroke/heart attck/aneurysm while driving with my kid in the car!!!/Oh my god, the sky is falling, THE SKY. IS! EFFIN. FALLING! Don't you get it?!?!


varieties. So, I would take an Ativan when I knew I would be in one of these helpless positions where the people around me would not understand/be able to help beyond taking me to the ER. As time passes, I've relied less and less on the Ativan. I like to have it with me, but I only take it as a last resort.


Trouble is, between the Celexa (taken for 1yr) and Pristiq, I gained a ton of weight, and w/Pristiq, lethargy and fatigue have taken over my life. Not helpful. Not worth it for me to become diabetic to mitigate anxiety. I asked my pdoc about an SNRI, and we settled on WellbutrinSR, 50mgs to start while I ween off of Pristiq--a process I wouldn't even wish on someone I really didn't like.


My energy is up, my appetite a bit lowered, but I am still well doused with Pristiq. Just found out that my pdoc wants to discontinue my Ativan rx. I am becoming nervously concerned that when the Pristiq wears off and the Ativan is gone, my anxiety might come roaring back. Such is the mind of someone so wound up about everything, everywhere, all the time.

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Switching meds is always a scary prospect. I've been there. Hell, I'm going to be increasing my Zoloft dose by 50mg and I'm freaked out about that, even.


I was on Paxil for 10 years, and it stopped working, so I switched to Celexa. The cross tapering process caused me a lot of stress. I had somewhat of a breakdown six months later and was switched to Prozac, which helped my depression but made me have violent intrusive thoughts all the time. Then they changed me to Zoloft, which is where I'm at now (150mg, going up to 200mg after a recent OCD diagnosis. Yay!).


But every time I made a change, I got freaked out. Will this new med be as effective as the old one? Will it be worse? Will it turn me into a zombie? I'm not trying to put these fears into your head, rather I'm just telling you that I've been there. As long as you work closely with your pdoc you should be OK. 

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I get that (Changes = panic)   I get uptight just refilling my MI meds.   


You might want to have a discussion about the ativan.    Maybe he is worried about addiction or dependence issues?   Maybe he would be willing to switch you to a different benzo?    Maybe you could figure out some reasonable compliance plan and or sign one of those agreement letters *Which are more for opiates but...   I'm not a huge zealot about benzos but I think they have a place.   If your having Anxiety attacks like this I would really want to have this as an emergency plan.

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Thanks for the feedback, all.


A quick talk with my pdoc, and he refilled my rx. He was under the impression that since the anxiety was becoming better managed with long-term meds, a benzo wouldn't be necessary. And he wasn't all wrong. But my main dx is panic disorder, and as much  as I want to say it is under control, fear of an attack is enough for me to want a benzo on hand-- for everyone's safety.

(I have had attacks when: driving, in crowds, middle of the night, school, work, etc. . .)


Truth be told, I have had the benzo 'script, on and off, for about 5yrs. I know that will sound like trouble, to some. But, I take it when I physiologically/psychologically need it. Not more than the rec'd amount (outside of a few times--like when getting on a plane, long car rides, mandatory public speaking *still never goes that well), and not daily.


Phoenix, I have done so much reading on CBT. I am nearing finished with my degree, and so I might finally *feel like* I have the time to explore it to develop some coping skills. I may also look into anxiety/panic group therapy sessions. I am still not ready to initiate long term counseling, which is ultimately what I need to address all of the issues underlying my negative thought patterns and MI in general. I know I can't rely on the benzos forever, and maybe there will come a day when I can be off of meds completely.




The pristiq withdrawal is lightening up. I realized I had also came down with a nasty cold which greatly intensified and added to the symptoms. (No wonder I felt like I was detoxing from narcotics/dying).


The wellbutrin sr, now at 200 mgs, is helping some. It's only been two weeks, so I know that's no real time to measure. But, my appetite is down, and my energy levels are already better. I'm back to being insomniaic, which counters a bit of the energy boost. But, I'm working in some melatonin and hopefully that will get more effective over time. Still quite nauseous, which is its own brand of torture but *fingers crossed* it's worth it.

My anxiety is still a background grumble, and I am certainly riding the bummer-wave to shitsville most of the time. But, I am present for my family, mildly functional, and I get little glimmers of lighter moods every now and then. That's enough for right now.

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      Any opinions on parsing out differences between these, and treating each each symptom?  Is this still depression? Is my brain rendered dysfunctional without stimulants now??
      I have chronic depression (dips down here & there), but then it always goes back to this level (nearly a baseline for me). I'm tired, blah, SO LISTLESS and all I want to do is lay in bed all day, comfy & nice. Today, I managed to go out to get groceries (was out of TP for crikes sakes), showered, then back to bed resting & staring at wall. No interest in listening to music, trying to read made me drowsy....
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      I'm meeting with a new PMHNP next week and I like to research my med options ahead of time so that I feel more informed and can advocate for myself. I'm interested in Wellbutrin because it doesn't have weight gain associated with it, it helps with binge eating and supposedly helps you quit smoking (both current concerns of mine), and can work for both depression and ADHD. I'm also interested in Buspar as a possible anxiety med? I like that it also isn't associated with weight gain and that it isn't supposed to be sedating.

      I've also taken Abilify in the past (before I took Geodon) and didn't experience any terrible side effects other than it making me sleepy but maybe combined with the right thing that wouldn't be as much of an issue?
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      I am diagnosed bipolar 2, OCD, GAD, and at one point ADHD although the psychs can’t decide if it’s true or not.
      my cocktail:
      wellbutrin xl 450 mg in morning
      lamictal 200mg at night
      lexapro 10mg morning for the GAD and OCD my OCD is the obsessive thoughts type.
      My issue being mainly that I lack motivation and am tired all the time as well very hungry and have gained weight but can’t find the hunger control to diet and can’t find the motivation to exercise.
      yes it’s terrible and could be affecting all of this but for years it’s the only way I can function half a pot or a whole pot of coffee in the morning and  occasionally a monster or two in the afternoon I practically live on caffeine.
      i sleep ok usually about 7-8 hours a night.
      luckily I have a job currently although I’m a serial job hopper.
      somehow I have a wife and daughter who put up with me. I’m on my 20’s
      im 6 foot tall and was originally 225 when I was exercising but after wife’s pregnancy and post partum and life of course I’m now 289.
      just trying to see if anyone has experienced similar cocktails because although I’ve been under treatment off and on since 15 I have honestly not tried many meds more so favoring trying different doses of the same med because I have enough of a hard time holding a job without the med game happening.
      i have tried seroquel which is a never again
      strattera which messed with blood pressure. Gabapentin which is absolutely not. Adderall which was obviously awesome but is likely bad for the bipolar. Abilify which made me feel mentally handicapped. Buspar which made me practically forget my own name. 
      Just found this place and basically looking for any experiences, thoughts etc.
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      Respectful greetings, fellow crazies.
      I've recently ramped-up on Wellbutrin: 150mg for 6 days and then 300mg for 12 days (18 days total). Overall it's slightly helping the multitude of mental illnesses I have (TRD, "Pure" OCD, other stuff).
      However. About 7 days after hitting 300mg Wellbutrin I started experiencing incredibly intense anxiety primarily (physically shaking, gut-churning, mind-racing, skin-crawling kind). I also started feeling erratic, intense irritability and even anger - (verbally) lashing out at my kids and other unpleasant out-of-character behaviour.
      I've seen anxiety from Wellbutrin reported 100's of times before but I couldn't find information on how to combat it. This is because normally people just stop taking it (which makes eminent sense) but that's not an option for me since I'm 23 years TRD (including resistance to ECT, dTMS and Ketamine) and this is one of the last combos left. In other words I'm beyond desperate to give it every chance of working that I humanly can.
      I'm now gonna blurt out my questions and suggestions and hope that some of you can identify or comment from your own experience:
      I have some Valium left over and taking that does take the edge off of the severe emotions. However taking benzo's long-term is generally undesirable, hence has anyone taken a non-benzo adjunct/augmenting med that actually helps tone down the insane anxiety? If so, what was it? how long did the intense anxiety last for those who experienced it? 2 weeks? a month? until you stopped the med? did anyone have success in simply reducing dose back to 150mg or even lower? Did you find 150mg sufficient to lift your mood? I'm on 300mg XL as of today (was on 2x150mg XL 'til now). Have folks had different experiences (anxiety-wise) with the IR or SR versions? E.g. would switching to 3xIR be an avenue worth chasing? any other relevant insights or experiences would also be most welcome. May the Gods of mental health be with you,
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