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Hello people

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29 yrs old male, indigent graduate student, have spent the better part of my life dealing with social anxiety and depression, was officially diagnosed in 2002 after coming to the U.S. for graduate studies in 2000 and frankly, it saved my life. Have been undergoing C.B.T for both S.A. and Depression for some time, along with being on SSRI/SNRIs. Was taking Celexa previously, which basically turned me into a zombie and I pretty much slept through 2.5 years of my life. Does anyone else experience having the amazingly vivid dreams while on SSRIs? Am on Effexor XR (225 mg) now and it's been good to me. Picking up the pieces of my life and trying to get back into the world of 'normal' people.  Killed a few inner demons but have a lot more to go.

Have a nice day, everyone.

P.S. Came to know of this place courtesy of NYT.

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Heya sk381,


Things have been weird here lately but back on track.

Frickin vivid dreams but can't tell if my trials of SSRIs made it worse.

Didn't go away until Lamictal and a new dx of BP NOS.

Keep posting, we all try to help each other and we are listening even when we are too messed up to answer.


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hi sk381,

welcome to the land of the crazies - so glad you found us!

regarding irc,

we have a great crowd, and its quite active in the afternoon/evenings (although there are ALWAYS people in there:))

feel free to come and join us..


tal - who is alllllways in chat  ;)

ps. feel free to PM if you have any questions about chat...or visit the "IRC - Internet Relay Chat On #Crazymeds" board.

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