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Potentiate Lexapro - Replacing Risperidal with Remeron? Good Idea?

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I have been on so many antidepressants since 2006 that you can’t imagine.. and cutting the long and futile stories short.. I have finally found that Lexapro (not alone) in conjunction with some other things can make the things turn around for me.


I also have ADHD and I use Ritalin (10mg x 2 times) and Wellbutrin 300mg which takes care of ADHD. I also use selegiline 10 mg only and memantine 10mg each day which help me stop building the tolerance for Ritalin.


THREE WEEKS AGO: I was on the combination of Effexor, Wellbutrin, Bromazepam (lexotanil), Ritalin, Memantine and Selegiline…. I was hoping to get something out of it but all in vain. After much research, I found Risperidal augmentation. I added Risperidal 2mg and found a great difference. But after a week or so, It pooped out too.


TWO WEEKS AGO: I thought to change Effexor 150 mg to Lexapro 15mg and I found a substantial improvement in my symptoms and I remember Lexapro alone back in 2009 didn’t work that well. I have also stopped selegiline 10mg because I know the hazardous combination with SSRI can wreck havocs on me but I shall continue with memantine 10 mg. 


THIS WEEK: My only problem and concern seems to be Risperidal 2mg now. Initially I had some good effects from it (three weeks ago), especially my day time sleeping habit (narcolepsy) was beginning to vanish. But now I have a feeling, it just kinda make me feel more wired and weird. Is it perhaps due to two following reasons?


1: This is the beginning phase. ?? Once this transition is over, Risperidal’s negative effects will go away. And Risperidal is necessary because I might have psychotic depression and that’s why the monotherpaies have failed in the past.

2: I have suddenly changed my antidepressant from Effexor to Lexapro (on the very next day) ? and these symptoms are largely associated with an abrupt change of the antidepressant and it has nothing to do with Risperidal.


I was thinking to replace Risperidal 2mg with Remeron , starting with a small dose of 7.5mg ( I know its extremely sedating, i had it in the past wid Effexor whilst reading somewhere the bonkers stuff of “California Rocket Fuel” ..) and then gradually will take it up to 15 mg or may be 30mg; will see it accordingly.. I just get a feeling that Remeron will act different with the SSRI. In the past I have used Remeron (Mirtazepine) as a monotherapy (alone) or in combination with SNRI (Effexor and Cymbalta). Will it act differently with SSRI like Lexapro?


So guys would you suggest me, replacing Risperidal with Remeron would augment Lexapro and Wellbutrin? And would it be a worthwhile prudent idea?


My current medication:

Lexapro 15mg

Wellbutrin 300mg

Bromazepam 3 mg (twice a day)

Ritalin 10 mg x2 times

Memantine 10mg per day

Domperidone 10 mg x 3 times (Gastroparesis)

Omeprazole 20mg

Risperidal 2mg at bed time.


PS: Please note. I have Unipolar Major Depression with anxiety. I have no experience what so ever with manic episodes or bipolar things. I am a very positive lad in my life except this brain chemistry of depression that made me physically ill, tired, fatigued, lack of energy and concentration etc etc. My thoughts are always ambitious and people highly rank my communication skills and particularly knowledge attainment. 


I intend to replace Risperidal with Remeron. Rest of the combination seems like the one i had been waiting from ages... except the Risperidal which seems not right now. Please be informed I have only been taking Risperidal from the last two weeks or so. and Lexapro I started a week ago after getting rid of Effexor 150mg and within two days, I realized what was missing and what was required in my brain.   

Please do try to answer in a professional way and preferably in the light of your experience with Risperidal usage with an SSRI. Will truly appreciate your inputs.



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Are you under the care of a good psychiatrist? That is an awful lot of med changes in just a few short weeks. My psychiatrist will not make more than one med change at a time and will only do so if it is a dire situation and then he waits weeks to see what the outcome is and makes adjustments after that based on how I am.

And none of us can answer you in a professional way because we are not medical professionals. We are just fellow crazies on the internet.

You are asking for personal experience with risperidone and an SSRI though I gather? I have take risperidone but it caused my prolactin levels to jump high and I started lactating and had to stop it. The same thing happened with Invega. You should really discuss your options though with a good psychiatrist to determine if you should be taking risperidone. Why not something that is approved to help depression as an augmenting med. Like ability or seroquel. Latuda may be another option but it is approved for bipolar depression.

I think if you can clarify your situation and why your psychiatrist is making so many med changes so quickly, then we may be able to offer you more of our experiences or non professional advice. Please do not make med changes like that on your own, if that is what is occurring. It is very dangerous to do so.

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