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Good Anti-Depressant for Bipolar 2

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Hi everyone. I am a long time reader of this forum but have never actually posted any topics (due to the fact that there is an abundant amount of information already asked here).


Recently my DX was changed from MDD to BP2. My new pdoc put me on Lamictal (Currently tritrating) and Seroquel (Started with 100mg at night now up to 150 titrating to about 200). My hypomania episodes and some of my mood swing seem to be better controlled but I have been stuck in a Depression for months. No energey, I enjoy none of the things I used to and its taking a toll on my work and my relationship. I have brought this up a couple times to my pdoc as we do psychotherapy every week, and she said she doesn't feel comfortable giving me an anti depressant yet because shes afraid it will put me in a hypomanic state. I also suffer from Panic Disorder. I have read online a little about Symbyax for bipolar depression and I also see alot of other Bipolar patients (even on this board) who are prescribed an anti depressant. I wanted some recommendations about which antidepressant will be a good upper and also something that might help with panic and anxiety.


I really appreciate any advice and others personal experience and really do enjoy this forum. It helps keep my insanity at bay :)

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The lamictal should help when it gets to the proper dose, its an excellent medication for bipolar 2 depression (and bipolar 1 as well). It's a mood stabilizer and it'll kick the depression in the ass. So will Seroquel.  Because you also have panic disorder, Luvox is excellent with panic and anxiety, its an SSRI similar to prozac, or cymbalta, if you were to need them. YMMV, it depends on the person.


Some bp2 folk swear by wellbutrin, it doesn't make them hypomanic. It made me anxious though.


Edit: Symbyax is zyprexa and prozac and works wonderfully, just has the weight gain side effect. If the lamictal and seroquel doesn't work out (which is a great combo too, give it a chance, the titration of lamictal can be rocky, but at its therapeutic dose, it works well for most) it can definitely be an option. Many people with BP go well without antidepressants. I take lexapro for anxiety, and it doesn't make me manic, fortunately. But I still have up-swings.

Also, welcome to CB! I see that was your first post! I'm one of the mods, we encourage all new users to read the rules, if they haven't already, the link is in the bottom right hand corner on every page. I hope you enjoy it here. There's a lot of info and experience shared. Feel free to post where you'd like, pop into chat, or start a public or private blog. :)

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Hello, and welcome to CrazyBoards.  :)


I have been diagnosed as BP1 and BP2 over the years.  My current pdoc just calls my diagnosis a "cyclical mood disorder".  In the past I have found a combination of Wellbutrin and BuSpar helpful for depression and anxiety, respectively.  These meds kept me stable for a number of years.  I don't recall exactly why I was taken off of them but I would be interested in restarting them.  Many people who find that SSRI ADs cause mania/hypomania do well on Wellbutrin.  It sounds like you've had a number of med changes recently, and your pdoc may want to get you to the right doses of those before looking at another med.  (Mine will only change one med at a time.)  There are meds specifically for bipolar disorder depression, but I've had no firsthand experience with them.


I hope you find a combination that works for you and that you get some relief soon.


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