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Hey =)

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Joined because i have / was trying to keep my mind busy at 3am - Trying to keep my mind busy and focus can be tricky and hard lately =


Possible OCD ( thoughts, mainly) - Feel like i'm going crazy... 

It's horrible. :(  

Never though OCD was thought wise - Waiting to see what the professional ( psy) will say and hopefully get some much needed help and calm / peace

Talked to the doc, put me on -  a AP that if im correct, has high side effect for triggering SI/SH/ that type of thing - So im worried/ scaried / flip out sometimes, that that's going to happen = ( been there done that, dont wanna go there again, don't wanna die or end up in psy ward )


Hoping i can get into the psy' office as soon as possible.


Sorry i'm not sure of the correct short cuts for psy and such :blush:

Hopefully you know what i mean! haha


Take care all =)

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Welcome to Crazyboards.  I ask all new members to read the rules, which you can find on the bottom of the page on the right.


Generally, most of the members refer to psychiatrists as "pdocs."  We usually call therapists tdocs.  It's useful shorthand, but you can call them whatever you want.


It's good that you are seeing your pdoc to get a diagnosis, and I hope s/he can offer effective meds and treatment. 



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