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This is what we do to the mentally ill (and homeless)

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Read about that this morning. Repulsive. I wish that hellhole would get torched. 


Agree with you, Hagar. Evacuate and torch. 


It says a lot for how society treats and thinks (or does not think) about mentally ill people and homeless people. 

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... and prisoners.  I mean, this is how we treat prisoners, too.


Huge, huge amounts of mentally ill folk end up in the prison system.  Or even ADHD folk - many don't get diagnosed until they're already in prison.  And yes, homeless folk as well.


Then there's the drugs and mental illness connection.  That can and does so easily lead to prison.


Let's not forget the massive racial disparity of people in prison and what sort of sentences they get, etc.


Or how things like poverty, a terrible home life as a kid, etc. could potentially lead one into the sorts of circles where, oh, theft or something was a far faster and easier way to get out and maybe even support yourself vs. trying to get some sort of part-time min-wage job at McDonald's.  (And then the issue of people getting out of prison and not being able to cope with a "straight" life, or trying but it not being as rewarding -- especially with prison showing up in their background checks for potential employers.)


It's all so interconnected and awful and sad.

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