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Worried about Gabapentin...

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This isn't about me. My mother, rather. I'll start you from the beginning. She's always had back pains, and I definitely do think it has gotten worse over the years. A couple of years back, she was supposedly only on "Gabapentin" but it made her do some some freaky stuff, almost as if she had completely went crazy. She had gotten a DUI, but never charged with it, because apparently "they lost the blood sample", and she claims its only because they found just Gabapentin in her system. The loosing of the blood sample is a completely different story, but her getting REALLY messed up off Gabapentin ended for like a year. Let's take it back to about ~2012. My mom was taking Gabapentin, but she started getting really fucked up. She claimed she was only tired, and that she hadn't taken anything. when I say getting fucked up. I mean pretty bad. So I called up my brother, and bunked with him for a couple of months, to which she was fine, but then, surprise, approximately the same time next year, guess who's house I'm staying at. My brothers. Why? Because she'd gotten pretty fucked up. Again, wait a year, and she's fucked up again. This time, I'm staying at my sisters house, in Kentucky. All because she's been on the Gabapentin. Now, I have not done any research on the medicine, but is it really supposed to make you so "high" that your own son is scared of his own safety? I want to go away from my mom, but I'm also paranoid that she'll do something stupid, because she's on Gabapentin. Now, the fucked ups are happening recently. There was a one week one about a month ago, and now she's currently in one, apparently because the doctor only prescribes enough to put her in a t-break at the end of every month. Apparently her doctor knows, but personally I don't think she's told him about it, which makes me kind of sad. Apparently, she says that I'm lying when I say that she's acting differently, only because I want to leave her house for some reason, just for what ever reason. What should I do? I'm worried CONSTANTLY that she's going to do something drastic to hurt herself, me, or any of our pets. Luckily she doesn't have a car, but her being on Gabapentin being "high" wouldn't stop her in the past. What should I do? My life is apparently going to be hell every month, because she has a t-break at the end of every month. Is she lying to me, taking something else to mess her up as well? I might want to also add, whenever I bring up the topic, she gets really aggressive, saying she gets no freedom.

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