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Wondering if anyone here (I bet there is) has rapid eye movement during any type of visual concentration?


Staring at the computer monitor to read fine font and eyes suddenly jump from the screen and back in a matter of micro-seconds but enough to make you take a step back, like WHOAAAA!!! I was trying to solder some electrical components yesterday w/o my glasses and I was very close to the iron (small parts, close work). I could barely finish the job because my eyes were dashing around like a Mexican jumping bean.

Is this caused by ACs? Can't seem to find it listed. BTW- I'm not going to lists my meds. I want to take a blind survey, if you guys don't mind.

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I won't


How much I take.

Some days,

the combo,

of stress,general anx,

and feeling freaky.

I stay pretty well


I chop the tabs

into 1/4s

it's enough.

Stuff probably never clears my


The dodgy Eye thang,

means no driving.


where do I

Want to go?

It's a Secret.


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I have that exact same problem.

I draw a lot and my style involves great detail.  After awhile my eyes start to jerk around and I lose focus.  I even feel a little dizzy because my eyes are flickering about so fast.

I haven't noticed it as being a problem apart from my artwork.  I suppose it is just from focusing on tiny things.

It doesn't seem to have much to do with my meds.  So I can't be sure why it happens.

All we can do is step back and rest our eyes I guess.  UGH!

Good luck, and close your eyes for a bit every now and again. ;)

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I get that almost every time I bring a small object to within a foot or so of my face. It doesn't last, but seeing up close and personal generally is more difficult. For me, it's either Lamictal or Lithium. APs have always been low dose, and Klonopin is just back in the picture. Right or wrong, I've always associated it with Lithium.

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I got that, or something similar- not sure if we are talking about the same thing, from risperidone. It would just happen randomly, I didn't necessarily have to be concentrating really hard on something. I don't need to be reading or anything. Stopped the medication and it rarely happens now.

What I'm referring to is called nystagmus. If you go to the entry on wikipedia, there is a visual of it happening.

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I've experienced the same thing too since starting lamictal. It's weird and quite disturbing to have your vision shift from right to left and rapid eye blinking during focus. It feels weird. So my psychiatrist prescribed Biperide (Akineton), an antiparkinsonism drug to help control it. So far, it has taken care of the job.

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Please give her lots of love and if she is not closing her eyes at all, please keep them moist. Just get a cotton ball and put a drop of water on each eye, until you can get her to the vet. i would do it about every 5 to 10 minutes. If the eyeball dries out, she could go blind. Why will the vet not see you now, or is it a transportation problem? Keep her warm and safe. Don't let her hide, where you cannot see her.

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