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    • By aspillane
      I will make this as to the point as possible. First time ever posting on blogs, Hoping this place can aid decisions along with psychiatrist. 
      I was diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and Adhd at age 14. (22yo now) My depression has gone from moderate to bad, to severe over the years. This is not the suicidal, crying every night type of depression. This is a (Complete Lack of motivation, energy, drive, initiation,) type of depression. I oversleep and when i wake up, my life is just grey, and uninteresting. Doing anything takes sooooo much fuckin effort. I litterally cannot hold a job, or do any simple tasks. Life is Overwhelming.
      Past medications include, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, cymbalta, remeron, strattera, are the main ones, with little to no benefit, however strattera had the biggest impact on my energy, depression, and motivation. The issue with strattera is that the burst of motivation did not last long. An increase of Strattera equalled 3 weeks of Motivation Boost, followed by nothing (as if i never took the medication.) 
      Had a genetic test done that shows i might react better to SNRI's rather than SSRI's. Because of my report of Strattera, my doc now Prescribed Fetzima (Works more on norepinephrine neurotransmitter). I might have Treatment Resistant Depression so he augmented Fetzima with Abilify (2mg), in hopes of them enhancing Each other. 3 months on fetzima, (now max dose of 120mg) i noticed very Minor changes. Which could indicate my TRD. 
      Well i Indicated my depression has not improved much so he increased abilify to 4mg. Second day on 4mg and i feel as though its making my Energy and Depression Worse. I really want to stop taking abilify, however i might take it a couple more days to test it out.
      Here is my Main Question. 
      Are there any atypical antipsychotics that do not cause any sedation, or one that causes the least amount of sedation compared to others?
      That is basically my only question actually. Feel free to chime in on how Fetzima has worked out for you, and if you have TRD, and have found the right combo that helps you.
      Thank You Guys!
    • By mjs190
      Currently taking Intuniv as monotherapy for ADHD-PI. I was originally taking it alongside 20-30 mg of Vyvanse, but I find that stimulants make me too wired/agitated. I am wondering if anyone has any experience combining Statters (atomoxetine) with an alpha agonist like Intuniv or Kapvay/Clonidine? My pdoc told me that Strattera would replace Intuniv if I wanted to add it to my cocktail, not be used along with it. Does anybody have any experience or stories about using the two? As I understand it, they have different mechanisms of action...
    • By toronto_gal
      Hello all,
      I am curious to know if anyone else has ever been prescribed Intuiv (Guanfacine). It's mainly only prescribed to children but it's been tried off label in adults for anxiety disorder, mild depression as well as panic disorder. I would love to hear if anyone has had any luck with it.
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