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I can't calm down :(

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So I have posted in other categories lately, long story short I am just going through a really bad time with my BP and it might be due to my med change to Latuda, but I'm not sure.

Anyways, I've been a mess for about a week now and the pdoc is just switching me to klonopin. I've taken 1.5 mg (3, .5 pills) within 8 hrs and I'm still not calm!

Ps: we are trading the klonopin for the lorazepam.

Any advice would be a help! I just want to feel better....

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Klonopin is more long-acting and takes awhile to get into your system ... I'd give it at least 6 weeks to adjust to it.  Also, are you on something more short and immediate-acting like xanax, which usually helps with calming down/anxiety/etc. soon after you take it?  It doesn't take long to get used to it, at least not for me ... I saw effects that first day I took it.

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Are you titrating off Klonopin or did your pdoc just have you stop taking Klonopin and start taking Lorazepam?  Out of curiousity, why did your pdoc switch you from Klonopin to Lorazepam?


Some things you can try to reduce your anxiety:

1.  deep breathing

2.  meditation

3.  exercise

4.  listening to music

5.  passive muscle relaxation:  

6.  take a warm shower or bath

7.  watch something funny on tv

8.  writing or blogging your feelings  (you can start a blog here)


I hope some of this helps.

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