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So Actavis/Watson is no longer making buproprion. What are my options?

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Apparently the FTC demanded that Actavis/Wastson divest itself of the rights to make buproprion back in 2012. Now the supply has finally dried up. So are the only options now Bar (big thumbs down, manufactured in India) and Sandoz? If so what chains can order Sandoz? (I live in Washington State on the West Coast)

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Never heard of Bar pharmaceuticals. Ive heard of Barr Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Teva, which is not an Indian Company. But with the whole teva-buproprion saga probably best to stay away from them.


Or did you mean Par Pharmaceuticals, which is also not an Indian company.


BTW that Actavis/watson you were taking wasnt up to snuff, either,




FDA: Watson's Generic Isn't

In a 10 October 2013 update quietly posted to its website, FDA announced that Actavis—now owned by Watson Pharmaceuticals—had submitted data that "determined that the company's generic bupropion HCl ER 300 mg tablet product is not therapeutically equivalent to Wellbutrin XL 300 mg."

"Watson has agreed to voluntarily withdraw this product from the distribution chain," FDA wrote.


I wouldnt be so quick to dump on Indian companies when American and Isreali companies have a hard time getting it right as well. Hell, I bet a large number of generics sold by American companies are probably made in India and nobody is the wiser.

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