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Ugh I don't even know if i have a question. Im just annoyed, fed up. 


Oh and im wide awake bc i took an extra dose of meds to study. 


When I first started taking adderal, 10 years ago, i started on 20 mg XR and it was amazing. I instantly was doing amazingly in school. I had less social anxiety. It just worked and it worked for a while. 


I stopped taking it  about 3 years later...I was convinced I needed off it. And then for a few years I went on and off it, usually at really low doses.


Eventually in 2010 I started taking 10 mg XR again when I went back to school. And just like when I first took it...it worked wonders. Since then I have been on some variety of it at some dosage. Now four years later, if i dont take 20 mg  IR at a time, it doesn't really work for concentration at all. I mean, if i dont take it...I FEEL IT. bad. I feel like I am in the biggest fog ever. I get anxious even bc i feel so weird. Its hard for me to get anything at all done. So i take it and I can be somewhat normal. However when it comes to focus, its just not there.


I should have mentioned first, i am currently taking 30 mg XR but I feel like 20 would do the same thing. It works and it doesn't make me feel wired(which i hate) like the IR. But still, not helping my concentration. 


I guess I am just wondering what it all means. Is it tolerance? Is it not the right medication?  Am I just lazy  or unmotivated in my schoolwork? I dont know. I feel like without the adderall i wouldn't go to school. So what does that mean...I dont know. 


I wish I could focus for hours on end just in my normal state. i hate taking the IR. It makes me feel physical anxiety like crazy unless I am focusing super hard on something. and right now i feel like that...blah. 



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I just started taking Adderall IR so I'm afraid I don't have any wisdom to share.  I wanted to let you know that I don't think you're lazy and unmotivated and I understand what you mean about the med helping you greatly with school--it has made a pretty big difference for me over the past couple of weeks with my schoolwork.  Right now I'm splitting my dosage to avoid crashing when the medication wears off and am hoping my pdoc will switch me to the XR next week.  I hope you're able to get things straightened out and get some relief soon.

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