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What should I suggest?

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My psychiatrist likes to let me make the suggestions for my treatment. I'm doing alright but things are very up and down.

Here's what I've tried so far:

Celexa: worked, numbed me made me gain 60lbs

Lexapro: nothing

Wellbutrin: made me anxious and suicidal

Effexor: made me suicidal

Lithium: did nothing except make me pee

Ativan: made me see waterfalls

What I'm on now:

Prozac 60mg: there isn't too much room to raise it anymore. Works but not completely

Ability 2mg: I'm not sure what it is doing besides making me hungry. It helps somewhat in an unknown way I suppose. I cannot raise it without getting akathesia.

Topamax 100mg: Basically so I don't gain weight

I have had ect recommended to me.

Thanks. Any random suggestions are helpful. I am very sensitive to meds.

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What about Seroquel? It is a very good med for depression. 


Also Lamictal can help depression





ETA:Oops, just noticed in your signature that you already take Seroquel

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Prozac can go up to 80mg. If it is partially effective and you are tolerating it trying it might be worth trying the higher dose.

You could also try lithium again. It might work for you better now that you are on an AD that is at least sort of working. It is great for boosting an AD that is only partially effective.

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