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need advice

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Insomnia has several manifestations and can involve difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep or generally interrupted or unsatisfactory sleep.  I think a definite diagnosis of insomnia would hinge on how often this happens in a week, and how often over a period of time this has been going on.  Nobody here can diagnose you for certain. However, there are sleep hygiene practices you can put into place to try to correct things.  If you run a search on "sleep hygiene" in this forum, a number of posts will come up - I recommend reading through them.  


I very well might be bipolar as well as depressed. How would I know for sure withought going to a doctor and how would I deal with it. 



If you are worried that there are serious psychiatric reasons why you might be experiencing insomnia, then I'm afraid you can't avoid seeing a doctor.  If you are depressed as part of being bipolar, or believe you have major depression (the two are separate things), then you need professional intervention.  Although it's true that we know ourselves the best, attempting to diagnose ourselves isn't the greatest idea, and neither is asking strangers on the internet to do it.  I urge you seriously to consider going to a doctor for assistance with this.


And welcome to CrazyBoards!.  

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