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Since yesterday I have upped my Depakine/Depakote dosage to 1000MG. This due the fact I wasn't still stable so the pdoc decided to go to 1000 MG. Now I am feeling really flat emotions, it also looks I am a zombie. My mind is very quit and no racing thoughts anymore. I slept a few hours longer... But it's too quit&flattening, I suspect the dosage is too high? Over 4 days I need to have preform a bloodtest to see the levels of my moodstabilazors. 


But my mood is for the first time in years looking stable, I am going to see a few days and let the bloodtest preformed and the information about the exact levels. Then eventually discuss it with pdoc. 


I found this side-effects are almost the same as on a high dose of Risperdal a few years ago. 


I have 2 questions:

  1. Someone has the same experience with Depakine/Depakote? On what dosage do you experience this? 
  2. What have you or the pdoc (or both) done on this side-effects? 


Thanks in advance...  :)  

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 My mind is very quit and no racing thoughts anymore.


But it's too quit&flattening,


With a thousand pardons, I do not understand what you mean when you say your mind is quit. Did you, just maybe, mean quiet? Quiet, an absence of uproar, a lack of agitation, and little disturbance?


As opposed to quit, indicating defeat, giving up, moving away, or surrendering.


As you used quit twice, I decided to ask rather than assume.

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Yeah I feel like my mind is trying to run through quick sand and I've only been on it a week. I only take 750mgs. I don't really like this drug.

Question for you. How often do you have you liver and blood tests done? How long you been on the drug?

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Sorry my mistake haha, I was too hasty, it's already gone after a few days. 


This side-effect is already gone, some moments I am manic&psychotic again... 


@Spadez87: I have regularly blood tests, because of issues in the past and to check the blood levels of the meds. 

It needs to be upped more, because of acute episode (I think  :angry: )


@Indigo 'n dye: Mmm I think it was just the first days, then the effect disappears and the manic comes back.. :lol:  


@crtclms: Not long enough to say effect, good question. I just had the blood test been taken today...  But thanks for the hint.

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