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It's All About Me

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Finally a place to visit that is laced with sarcasm and humor.  My name is Rhonda.  I am 44 y/o, mother of 3, and nana to 1.  Have ADHD or racing mind disorder (my diagnosis).



Surely, you jest!

heh... you'll fit right in.

Ya know, self dx is probably not the best thing to try, and definately not the best way to get help.

Just a thought...

Welcome to our odd little corner of the universe.


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we had a thread a while back about self diagnosis.  Most of us agreed that it was a bad thing.

Most psychiatric illnesses are diagnosed by an aggregate of symptoms with a best fit.  So you may have all the symptoms of ADHD, but you may not have ADHD.  It may instead be another disorder that has similar symptoms.  The brain is a complex thing.

Many of us have self diagnosed.  Bringing the subject up with a GP, or if possible a psychiatrist, will not be of any harm, and it could be of great value.

Regardless, you are always welcome.

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