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Suspicions about switching meds

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So essentially my cocktail has been Deplin, Phentermine (weight loss), Metformin, Wellbutrin SR, Trileptal, Topamax (for migraines and potential weight loss), Celexa, and Seroquel XR.


I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and I discussed with him that I believe the Phentermine may be contributing to my mild, yet rapid cycling even though my PD prescribed it to help me with the drug-induced weight gain.  Phentermine worked great in the beginning, but now I feel sluggish and tired and after it takes affect I just want to sleep.  My weight also went up when I increased my dose of Trileptal and we finally decided to in order to curb most of the weight gain and some of the depression he is switching me back to Tegretol (worked very well for me last time around; XR version made me sick though), replacing the Phentermine with Concerta (not really just for weight loss but it really helped me emotionally too), and putting Zoloft in its place.


I intend to include more details in another forum regarding the changes and the circumstances regarding them but I just wanted to know everyone's opinions regarding Zoloft in a cocktail like mine, including two that I used to take.  Opinions, thoughts?

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