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I am currently on propranolol, dosage 10mg twice a day.  I currently take it for akathisia.


I just had my psychiatrist appointment last Wednesday.  He kept my meds the same this month but said that maybe starting next month he may have me ween off of Xanax and increase the Propranolol in it's place.


One question I have is if there is anyone out there who takes or took propranolol solely for anxiety/panic?


Any advice?


Any other info I should be aware of?


Thank you for all your help in answering my questions and information you may have.


~ Andy

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I take propranolol for anxiety, headaches, and tremors, and it has been working really well for me ... for all 3 things.  Much less anxiety, tremors are almost gone, and headaches are better.


I am still on xanax and klonopin also for anxiety, but the propranolol has made an even more positive difference for and really helped the anxiety.


My pdoc told me that there is a kind of anxiety that only propranolol will help, but I wasn't sure what he meant by that, other than that I had started to feel it really help for my anxiety ... a lot ... I have asthma and propranolol has actually helped me realize that I might not have asthma as bad as I thought (I still have asthma, but the propranolol seems to have relaxed me enough so I can breathe easier (literally) because I am more relaxed).


Idk if this makes sense, but I think it is worth a try to start the propranolol.  Maybe you could ask your pdoc about how if the propranolol doesn't work, you can go back on to the xanax?


The only side effect I had from the propranolol was that it made me cold ... like hypothermally-like cold (I couldn't warm up ... especially my arms and legs).  But that side effect is long gone and I have only been on it for a month.


I hope this helps.  Good luck with it!

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I take propranolol for mainly anxiety. I was originally prescribed it for akathisia, but we kept it as a PRN for anxiety. I am allowed to take 60 mg per day divided into 3 doses though, so I can take it everyday if I want to. I usually take 20-40 mg before a stressful/anxiety provoking situation. I give presentations about twice a month, so I take it before those. I also take it before interviews, written exams, demonstration exams and anything else I find really, really stressful. 


Propranolol mainly reduces physical effects of anxiety because it is a beta blocker. It stops sweating, blushing, shaking, and heart palpitations (it slows your heart rate), which in turn can help you to reduce your respiratory rate because you aren't so anxious. 


I find propranolol really helpful as a PRN and a daily med when I need it. I used to be diagnosed with GAD but no longer meet the diagnostic criteria. I still deal with situational anxiety, but mine can be more severe. Probably because I'm prone to severe anxiety. So propranolol really comes in handy!


It took a year of therapy and stabilization on meds for 2 years to overcome my anxiety. I understand though that many people have anxiety that just won't quit. 

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