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My experience with Pristiq

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My personal experience with Pristiq is certainly unique.  It seems to be changing as the events in my life change, and not really in a bad way.

I take 50mg a day.  I had taken up to 100 mg a day - one tablet in the morning and one tablet in the afternoon.

It is VERY EXPENSIVE! I have been taking the med every day for 30 days now. On occasion, I take an ativan for serious anxiety attacks, which make me very sleepy and actually give me headaches if I take them more than a few times in a row. I could tolerate 1 mg at most!

I have a lot to say about Pristiq. It is a very helpful med, but yes the withdrawl is intense. If a person stays at the low dose it should not be as bad as mentioned in the many forums.  My greatest efficacy with the medication is at 50 mg daily.  

When I first started taking it, I would get a slight stomach ache.  I simply took it with food to help.  I also had jitters and restlessness with it and this has subsided.

I now take it at night because it actually makes me sleepy.

Each person is so different and each person changes.

I am 41 years old and have had many meds and moments in my life.  At this point Pristiq is working for my mental process. It keeps me from feeling suicidal and 'crazy'. 

It is better than ANY drug I have tried in 25 years.  It has helped with






racing thoughts

suicidal thoughts

constant crying

raging moments


and so much more

I have also started with a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy groups.  I have also participated in yoga and regular meditation.


If you have a question feel free to ask.





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Hi and welcome Tara!


What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy group?


I also loved the shit out of some pristiq. Seriously, nothing has ever ever worked so well. I too am 41and have tried so many meds. I just recently stopped Pristiq bc I couldnt take the side effects anymore.

I am kindof an a-hole, i realize this and no disrespect to anyone reading this, but i involountarily roll my eyes when ppl say getting off antidepressants like prozac or paxil is miserable. You dont know misery until youve tried to come off Pristiq :).  Migraines, nausea, cramps, vertigo, unable to get out of bed... Those mind zaps from lexapro would be welcome at this point.


Anyhoo, DBT, do tell...

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