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I was on Zoloft for 7 years before it stopped working 2 years ago, Have tried all the new Meds but for one reason or another they did not work out. My doctor wants me to try Zoloft again. Has anyone been on Zoloft and it stopped working and then get back on it and it starts working again? I have tried every medication under the sun since 1973 and I am getting very tired of the game called life. I am not asking for a life full of lollipops and rainbows, I just want a glimmer of hope before I do something stupid.

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I'm on it for a second time.  This time with Buspirone...apparently Buspar boosts the effect?  and Topiramate as well.


The first time I went off Zoloft it was a monotherapy, and I went off because it was the suspected culprit of my patchy hair loss.


...Considering I'm not getting alopecia aureata on a higher dose this time?  

It had to be the naggy ex-boyfriend making my hair fall out.  <_<


Dunno, the only thing to do is take the pills, see if they work.

I'm pretty much out of SSRI's as well. 

 My options to try in the future are Cymbalta and the Tricyclics, and I went berserk on Effexor, so...


I hope you find some relief soon, unrelieved depression is evil.

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