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Hi, I have a few questions about Zyprexa,
Due to paranoia, panic attacks and anxiety attacks, I was prescribed Zyprexa.
I gained a huge amount of weight, so had to stop taking it.
I remember Zyprexa being difficult to get off cause I got so addicted.
I don't want to eventually have to go through all the withdrawal symptoms again.
I am debating going back on Zyprexa because I had taken in the past and it helped.

My goal is to try to take Zyprexa in super-small doses so that I don't gain weight.

I now have a prescription for Zyprexa, but I am now re-introducing it to my system, which I am nervous about.
Anyway, my question is, will taking very small amounts of Zyprexa be effective? (like 2.5MG or 5MG a day or so)
I would take more but I don't want to gain weight like I did in the past.
Will Zyprexa be as effective starting it again, after stopping it and then reintroducing it?
Is it worth going back on Zyprexa with it's addictive qualities and possible weight gain?
Or is it dangerous to even start Zyprexa again?
Appreciate it, thanks!
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what ammount did your doctor prescribe to you? 5 mg isn't too small dose for some cases, i guess 10mg is a standard dose. weight gain is normal for this medication, but some people do manage to lose weight by excercising, it is posible to take 2.5 or 5mg and not too gain too much weight if you care about that. I never heard about zyprexa being very dangerous, except for causing diabetes :(  you should start with half a dose that you are going to take first week or so, and then the full dose. I hope i was some help here. 

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well he prescribed 15MG a night which was what I was taking before but I gained so much weight I was gonna cut the pills down... yea I was pre-diabetic the last time I took it from gaining huge amounts of weight...


I will try to check back in but signing in with my password and finding this topic is next to impossible for some reason, thanks

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