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hey where did you go?

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where has my clit gone? seriously it is missing!!

this nice part of my female bits seems to be disappearing!

i had surgery 6weeks ago on my cervix and have not been able to have sex for that long. so im not sure if this is the cause.

or my new med - neulactil

or my increase of the med epilim

or my cocktail of meds combined.

can't have sex still or try to find out the cause by myself

im just here to complain and see if anyone knows where it could of gone?

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Lol at the overshare. These are matters of great importance!

I can't think that surgery on your cervix would be a factor, since that is all the way up in your vagina, and if a doctor was going to do anything surgically that would have affected your labia or clit, I would have damn well expected him to say so, since it would effect your sex life. Plus since the clit has about 8,000 nerve endings, I imagine that if he had invertedly removed/disabled it, it would hurt like hell and you would know about it. Are you taking painkillers, is the area numb? Maybe that is why you can't feel it. I would be inclined to get a hand mirror and do a bit of looking to see if I could see it, but that is just me. I don't know of cases where it could retreat back into the body.

I am pretty sure it is still there....

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Heya Iona,

Hey, over-sharing is what CB specializes in.


OK, although I'm NOTNOTNOT a doctor on CB.

As a female FP I see every gyne/psych problem you can imagine.

And can empathise with most from personal experience.

Karuna has a good thought.

Look to confirm it's physically where you expect it to be.

Then, touch it a bit to see if you can feel *anything* (pain, touch, pleasure, whatever) from it.

If these two tests are okay.

Then we're left with:

(1) nerves are screwed up from being stretched out during the LEEP or whatever you had done.  That speculum is in there for a while during gyne procedures, and the nerves/blood vessels can get pretty stretched out.  This recovers over time, keep checking.  Sex can be fun while you're waiting, "all for" your partner and max out on the warm fuzzies of touch.

(2) med effects, *always* possible especially in women for some reason.  Consider talking about this possibility with your gyne/FP/psych.

Hope this helps.


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