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I made *That?*

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Polarity: Those are gorgeous. You definitely have a good eye and can make the best use out of your camera. Which camera do you use? The first shot is stunning, the water looks like cotton, its smooth. The second shot is warm, but pleasing to the eye and calming. I'd love to see more.

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Now for some B&W.


Shot of a fire dancer in Vanuatu:




Shot of a tree:




Cable cars in Hong Kong:





Camera details - Sony a350 with a Tamron f2.8 17-50mm lens. 


I'm looking to upgrade my camera soon, I think it's getting a little old. Love it all the same and it's survived being taken around the world, but I find it has some limitations when I try to push up the ISO. 

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I don't make anything quite as fancy as you guys, but I do like handcrafts. Particularly now, because I have improved loads in the last few years. (when I was little I was quite hopeless, LOL). Here's one of my favorites, I made this for an easter egg competition where I work (I won :D ) though I'm sad to say that one of my co-workers was quite nasty about the whole thing. Still I'm pleased with how it turned out. The egg is not real, of course.




I'm thinking of making more dolls, with traditional customes from different cultures.

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I am currently coddling my inner Dr Frankenstein, and am dissecting tiny cheap radio control cars in order to use their innards to produce small radio-control railway engines.


This hasn't really been done before, as far as I can see on a quick search, and there are some good reasons for that.

But there there's a reason or two why it's quite a good idea, too.

(Apart from the pure or impure "I wonder if this can be done" curiosity.)




In the front, a couple of donor vehicles, one of them stripped bare.

(under £6 each including postage, from China: fun things in their own right.)


Some small loco chassis with exploratory mountings for low voltage motors (to run on 1.2 volts, not 12.

On the right in red the first finished shunter...


Which was rendered obsolete by the Mark 2, which out-performed it in every respect...


Mk2 was the little black diesel on the track.  This was marginally surpassed  by Mk3, the new red steam loco.

Mk 1 now returned to the workshops for scrapping or rebuilding.

The explosion in the spaghetti factory is the working part of MK 4, after successful wiring tests, but before having it's wiring all tucked away and secured.  Yes, once assembles it out-performed the Mk3.  I may be getting the hang of this.


This simply could not have been done five years ago.  R/c chips have got cheaper and smaller, and batteries more efficient.



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While I am not as talented as you guys, I like to photograph food. Not like weird Instagram ( well ok maybe) but my dad is a photographer so he taught me a few things. I wish I did it more.post-37833-0-68043800-1406406580_thumb.j

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i wrote a poem:


by your mercy break my hands

a selfless violence i understand

stomach acid whitens teeth

kneeling within sunken cheeks

contentment clings to ritual

a holiness soley chemical

hold no spirit, throw it up

sometimes emptiness is enough


the empty palace is a quiet place

eyeliner bleeding down your face

missing the way it felt to be alone

inside a pyramid of broken bones

hold no spirit, throw it up

sometimes emptiness is enough

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