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Trying out this new website.

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Hello, my name is Jonathan. I am 18 years old and live in Chicago. Some so called "issues" I have include:

- Asperger syndrome (terrible social skills, don't relate to people, don't feel connection, low empathy, terrible eye contact, awkward humor, awkward use of slang, weird facial expressions) (diagnosed from 5, has affected my school performance and bullying (and being bullied) and put me in an alternative school for my entire school career)

- Bipolar disorder (more recently possible diagnosis, i do go through manic episodes and depressive episodes lasting a couple weeks)

- Depression (big time, I often feel like I hate my life and don't relate to anyone, and I have felt suicidal many times and still do on occasion. I feel like my depression is a burden that annoys my "not depressed" friends and family)

- Self injury (yes, i often hit myself really hard in the head, arms, and legs till its red and I have a headache. I mainly do this to try and cry because crying always makes me feel better)

- Personality disorders (not really, but I often feel antisocial and don't feel guilt after hurting people's feelings. I have stolen from my dad before without feeling guilty. I often get impulses to hurt people for no reason, but never act on them)

- Substance abuse (i have an addictive personality, i constantly think about marijuana and have stolen to try and get it, and I've had thoughts of doing LSD, Molly, shrooms and cocaine. I sometimes smoke marijuana and have taken Xanax off prescription one time. I also have compulsively drank and rarely smoke cigarettes.)

- Anxiety/Panic (Yes, i have panic attacks at least once a week, consisting of screaming, hitting myself, talking very fast and incoherent, breathing heavy and irregular, and feelings of paranoia)

- OCD (not officially diagnosed but i have symptoms, I constantly think about the way im talking, sitting, even breathing to make sure its "normal", i feel like I have to do things at an O'Clock (5:00, not 5:01 etc) and shower multiple times a day)

- Hallucinations/Delusions (i hear voices which i sometimes enjoy and have conversations, sometimes I get insulted, as for delusions there are things I believe that are more "out there" (believing my dreams are real, voices are real, conspiracies etc)


TL;DR life sucks to me, i dont relate to anyone, and i feel very different. Sorry if this was too long or I should have put in more positive stuff, but I literally heard about this website an hour ago. So feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello and welcome from another with Asperger's, who can relate to some of what you wrote.

But Asperger's folk can be described quite nicely n two words: "we vary".


In my case your introduction caused my brain to make a leap to one of the great film ending lines of all time:

"Well, nobody's perfect"

Here, the context, if you are interested.  From Some Like it Hot.




Depression I know too, though mine is quiet, currently, rather surprisingly as I am housebound due to physical illness.


Have a look around this place and see what you think.




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Hello and Welcome to Crazyboards!


If you haven't already done so, please take a minute to read The Rules located in the bottom right hand corner of this page.


Crazyboards is a very supportive and informative community.


I'm glad you've checked out chat--that's a great way to meet people.


Take care.

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I am 18 too.


(And with poor social skills)


And the odd thing is, most often it those of is with poor social skills that  are supposed to adapt and change,

while our alleged superiors in this area do not exactly rush to demonstrate how flexible and extensive their social skills are by being able to adapt and accommodate us.


With honourable exceptions, be it noted.



(Who can "do social" when it is necessary,  or at will.  It's just very tiring.)

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Welcome!  I've been here for a few months and have received so much support and information from the CB community.  It is simply awesome to interact with others who understand where I've been and where I am now with my illnesses, if that makes sense.  I hope you have a great experience here, too.

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