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Koakua here.  You can call me Koa for short.  


I'm a male in my late 20's, living in the Eastern US.  


I had my first psychotic break when I was 20 after a bout of untreated depression that lasted several years.  I have been given several different diagnoses, including depression with psychotic features, psychosis NOS, and schizoaffective disorder, depressive type.  Basically, though, my biggest issues are depression and psychosis.  I also struggle periodically with anxiety, paranoia and issues with alcohol.  My delusions tend to be religious in their undertones, and quite disturbing, although I am otherwise not religious.


Initially I was resistant to medication due to side effects and because of the influence of anti-psychiatry family members, but have learned to be more of an advocate for myself in working with my doctor to find the right med combo for me.  I've been on several different antipsychotics, a few antidepressants, as well as a benzo, but have eventually found a cocktail that I'm happy with: Latuda, Wellbutrin and Lexapro.  You can look at my signature to see what other meds I have been on.  Additionally, I also see a therapist regularly.


I joined Crazyboards in 2010, after being hospitalized for the second time.  The support I get from this site has been a big part of helping me to recover.  Although I have bouts of paranoia and depression/anxiety, I have not had a psychotic break in about 3 years, and have been relatively stable for the last two years.  


My username doesn't mean anything.  I intentionally made up a meaningless name so no one could identify me, so don't try to decipher it.  However if you wish to think of me as some sort of three headed Polynesian deity, that's cool.   :)  You can make your offerings to my paypal account.


My biggest interests are getting outside and doing stuff, making and looking at art, and scheming up travel plans that I can't afford.


I recently completed a master's degree, got married, and moved to a new part of the country.  Change can be hard, even if you aren't crazy, and I'm unemployed, so I hope to maintain relatively good mental health in spite of these factors.


Boards I moderate:  



Substance Abuse




Side Effects

Medical, Nutritional and Lifestyle Alternatives



Crazy Students


I got the good stuff here

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