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Hi, I'm jt07 or simply jt for short. The initials mean nothing – I'm not very creative and just pulled two initials out of the air and added 07 because I view 7 as a lucky number (OCD remnant). I come from the eastern part of the midwest of the United States and have been a member of Crazyboards since early 2011. When I first came to Crazyboards, I was in pretty bad shape.

I have suffered from severe social anxiety since before I can remember as a child. When I began school, I developed what I now recognize as OCD though I wasn't diagnosed with OCD until years later. I would perform rituals to block out “bad” or anxious thoughts and to prevent something bad from happening. Then at age 12 my mind fell apart and I was diagnosed with major depression and this is the diagnosis that I carry with me to this day.

I've been in and out of treatment my whole life. For the most part, antidepressants alone don't work for me. I had a period of remission for about 3 or 4 years, but alas, that was not to last. Following a very stressful event in my life, I had a breakdown and ended up in a mental hospital for a couple of weeks. After my hospitalization, my pdoc began to take my illness more seriously, and I ended up on the cocktail which morphed into the cocktail which I take today. I've found that my perfect cocktail is AD + AC + AAP.

Let's see … some facts about me … I'm a techie and a science geek. I like mathematics and philosophy, and I enjoying reading a lot of non-fiction concerning my interests. I spent the majority of my adult life in college and graduate school. I love dogs. I spend way too much time on Crazyboards. If you need me, I'm probably around or soon will be.

I tend to be terse and matter-of-fact when responding to threads. That says nothing about you. It's just the way I am. I seem to be suffering from a permanent case of writer's block. I'm pretty level-headed and it's tough to piss me off. I do have a couple of pet peeves. The first is anti-psychiatry, and I don't think that I need to say more about that on a pro-treatment site. The second is when people absolutely and totally bash a med based on their personal reaction to it when it might be a life line for someone else. Otherwise, I treat issues as they arise and hopefully I will make the right decisions with the mod team. I moderate the following boards:

Social Anxiety
Academic Interests
Intro to being a crazy student

Well, that's about it for me. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the boards.


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With heavy heart we must report to you the passing of Moderator jt07, on July 16, 2019. He was 53. The authorities have not established an official cause of death, but from his final post with us on that day, we know that he was suffering from the high heat where he lived. We can only speculate whether that may have contributed to our loss of his wit, wisdom, knowledge and compassion he shared with all of us daily in spite of his own battle with MI. From that, at least, he is now free.

He was deeply loved, and is sorely missed.

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