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This is just a suggestion, the point of making this thread if the admins would like some of the themes, I use to run a forum and bought some themes on the websites below. Also, sure they don't have to be made default anyway, and just let members choose the theme.





^ On the sitres, they give you the demo of the skins.


Some skins:




Please, this would be awesome, everyone would love it. and it makes the forum feel more cozy, more people would be active,etc.

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Not sure if this would be extremely time or labor intensive to make these changes.  Thank you for the suggestion, though.




It is extremely quick.


All you do this, you login to the website, you select the theme to download. (its a .zip file)

then you go to IPB -> Admin -> Look and Feel -> Upload, and upload the zips.


There is no even need for FTP or anything like that. its all automatic and easy.

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Hello. I am one of the admins here.

To be honest there have been so many suggestions in so fast a time span that I am having trouble keeping up!

It will take us a few days to wade through the crazy amounts of ideas and suggestions that you have. Please try not to take it personally.


I'm curious to know a little bit about, you, too?

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I like it here. I'm cozy just as it is! I'm cranky, don't like change, and I'm doing good to log in and out.


I know and have seen other members set up their screens to look a bit different and good for them. We are all different here at CB. So, what you might love might work for you but please don't push it down all our throats.




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